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Foot Moisturizers and Exfoliants at Farma2Go

The feet are one of the parts of the body that suffer the most dryness and therefore need special care to keep the skin hydrated and prevent the appearance of dryness, calluses and calluses.

Walking or rubbing shoes causes dry feet, calluses, cracks and chafing. Therefore, hydration and exfoliation are essential for the feet, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but to promote proper health of our feet and to avoid problems and discomfort when walking.

What is the best to hydrate your feet?

The skin of the feet tends to dry out, especially when open shoes such as sandals and flip-flops are worn. To maintain moisture in this area, it is recommended to use creams that contain a percentage of urea since urea helps retain more water and hydrate. more intensely.

There are different types of foot creams that contain urea, the amount of urea that the cream you use should contain will depend on the specific needs of your feet:

  1. Deep hydration 5-10% urea
  2. For very dry skin 15 -20% urea
  3. Feet and areas with calluses 30% urea
  4. For feet with thickened nails 40% urea
  5. 50% for severe calluses

When is it advisable to hydrate your feet?

Feet should be hydrated daily to keep the skin soft and prevent hardness, calluses and severe dryness from appearing.

Apply foot cream every night and allow it to absorb completely, it is worth remembering that feet should be clean and dry before using any moisturizing product.

What is the best to hydrate your feet?

The skin of the entire body regenerates itself every day, peeling, we lose cells and the skin regenerates, the skin on the feet too, you can help this process go deeper by using exfoliating products , without overdoing it since The leather needs to have a resistant leather to absorb the impacts of walking or running and the friction with footwear.

To exfoliate the feet, it is recommended to use exfoliating creams or lotions with granules and compounds that help remove dead cells and regenerate the skin of the feet.

There are also special exfoliation products for the feet such as files that help remove the most intense calluses or the classic pumice stone that has always been used to remove calluses and calluses.

You can get the best hydration and exfoliation of your feet with the creams and products available in our catalog at the best prices.