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Follow-on milk: advanced nutrition for your little one's development

At Farma2Go, we are very happy to accompany you on one of the most exciting journeys. Our selection of follow-on milks is focused on providing your baby with optimal nutrition at the crucial stages of their development. This option is not only used when there is an obvious reason, but sometimes it can be our ally to reinforce the growth of the little ones at home.

Accompanying you on your baby's growth path

Follow-on milk is presented as a valuable contribution to the feeding of babies in the first period of life from 6 months , offering a nutritionally complete alternative adapted to evolving needs.

In situations where breastfeeding is not viable or may be insufficient, this specialized formula becomes an essential resource to ensure that the little ones obtain the essential nutrients for healthy growth . Furthermore, during the transition phase towards the introduction of solid foods, follow-on milk plays a fundamental role, providing a solid nutritional base for this critical stage of development. It may also be required in specific medical circumstances where a differentiated nutritional approach is necessary.

What can follow-on milk help us with?

Discover how follow-on milk adapts to the different stages of your baby's growth. Enriched with DHA and ARA, it promotes solid cognitive and physical development, guaranteeing easy digestion for complete and comfortable nutrition.

Adapted to developmental stages: as babies grow, their nutritional requirements evolve. Follow-on milk has been carefully formulated to meet these new needs, providing a balanced combination of essential nutrients.

Development Support: Contains a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, mimicking the nutritional benefits of breast milk. Follow-on milk contributes positively to babies' brain development, ensuring a solid foundation for their growth.

Ease of digestion: The advanced formulas of follow-on milk promote easy assimilation, providing a gentle option for the little ones' digestive system while promoting comfort during feeding.

Before purchasing follow-on milk for your baby, we recommend considering several aspects. Make sure the formula is appropriate for your baby's age and review the ingredient list, prioritizing formulas fortified with key nutrients. If there is a family history of allergies, check for the presence of allergenic ingredients. Opt for recognized brands that comply with strict quality controls. Ease of digestion and pediatrician recommendations are also important factors. In addition, it is essential to discuss it with the pediatrician so that the decision is the most appropriate for the growth and development of your baby.

At Farma2Go, we are proud to offer you a careful selection of the best follow-on milks available on the market.