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nose care

The care and hygiene of the nose and nostrils is essential to be able to breathe correctly and perceive odors properly. Nasal dryness can cause the tiny veins that line the entire nasal surface to weaken and cause bleeding. At other times, when our body is fighting viruses and bacteria, excessive, annoying mucus can be produced and make breathing difficult. For these reasons and many more, taking care of your nasal passages and keeping them in optimal condition will improve your quality of life.

It is recommended, for this, to use some sanitary products that can help you maintain nasal hygiene. In addition, trying to avoid allergens and maintaining daily cleanliness of our body and hands can favor being infected and infected by a multitude of bacteria. Other daily actions, such as drinking a lot of water, can prevent dehydration, which is so harmful to our nose and smell.

Physiological Serum

Physiological serum is a solution that does not cause any harm to our body, resulting in its innocuousness in a particularly useful property to apply to the nose, eyes or even wounds. At farma2Go you can find a wide variety of physiological serums to eliminate excessive mucus deposits, irritants and allergens from the nasal passages, performing a decongestive action that reduces the sensation of stuffy nose by attracting excess fluids from congested tissues, respecting the mucosa, even in children.

Improves breathing and night rest by restoring the protective functionality of the mucosa by carrying out correct daily nasal hygiene in all cases of nasal congestion that follow cold illnesses and using these serums, which help to clean the nasal passages and come in handy for our health.

Its use is highly recommended when you have runny nose from a cold or other respiratory diseases or allergic reactions that make breathing difficult. In order to get the most out of the serum, it is also important to carry out a correct nasal wash.

Other Nasal Care Products

In the Farma2Go catalog you can also find inhalers to breathe, for example, essential oils, which have a large number of benefits and properties to strengthen our body and its defenses. These inhalers, made of non-toxic plastic, are indicated for any type of inhalation, inspiration or expiration for therapeutic purposes and to humidify the upper respiratory tract.