Relec Photoprotector

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Enjoy the summer outdoors with the double protection of Relec photoprotector

With the dual-action care of Relec photoprotector it is possible to enjoy all outdoor activities without worrying about mosquitoes and well protected from the sun.

Summer is synonymous with activities that allow you to enjoy the benefits of the sun, but it is also important to protect the skin from its harmful effects.

Mosquitoes are also heat lovers, and that is why Relec has adopted the manufacture of a revolutionary repellent with high sun protection.

Widely recognized for its anti-mosquito formulas, it has developed Relec fotoprotector , a solution with 2-in-one action that repels mosquitoes like the rest of its products with a sun protection factor (SPF) 50.

Buy Relec Photoprotector 2 in 1 at the best price

At Farma2Go we work on an extensive Relec catalog in which you can find this innovative sunscreen formulated with natural citronella to repel mosquitoes and protect the whole family from the sun.

The Spray presentation allows easy and quick application for adults and children, it is waterproof and suitable for sensitive skin.

The Relec photoprotective formula hydrates the skin and is absorbed quickly, without leaving white traces and without the need to spread it with your hands.

The organic citronella included in its composition repels mosquitoes without irritating effects and has a long-lasting anti-mosquito effect, while the SPF50 sun protection acts as a barrier against UVA and UVB radiation.

Whether enjoying an afternoon outdoors in the park or going on a hike, Relec photoprotector can be included in any camping bag or backpack to apply when necessary.

Find Relec Fotoprotector 2 in 1 at Farma2Go and receive it comfortably in your home to enjoy every moment of summer without worries.