Singuladerm Sunscreen

Active filters

The advanced molecular cosmetics of Singuladerm sunscreen

High concentrations of active ingredients with deeply penetrating delivery systems are characteristics of molecular cosmetics present in each Singuladerm sunscreen.

The brand, a pioneer in peptides and growth factors with higher concentrations of active ingredients with innovative delivery systems in deep layers of the skin, offers great sun protection with Singuladerm XpertSum.

Maintaining healthy skin and improving its health is possible thanks to the revolutionary approach of molecular cosmetics, which is based on treating and improving natural characteristics with visible and long-lasting results.

Effective and safe sun protection for each skin type is present in each Singuladerm sunscreen , thanks to the application of advanced technologies to generate effective formulas with additional and long-lasting benefits.

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Buy the Singuladerm sunscreen that best suits your skin

XpertSun's advanced protection is formulated with a technology that encapsulates physical and chemical filters to offer greater safety and sensoriality.

The texture proposed by each Singuladerm sunscreen is oil-free, providing a unique ultra-light sensation and suitable for all skin types.

With greater hydration, the inclusion of biological filters reinforce the skin's function as a barrier and regenerates it, keeping it moisturized throughout the day.

Each Singuladerm photoprotective formula also offers anti-photoaging action, stimulating collagen synthesis, and antioxidant, thanks to the Carnosine peptide that minimizes oxygen and nitrogen free radicals, as well as anti-pollution, preventing the degradation of collagen due to pollution.

The XpertSun range offers a variety of options for the specific needs that each skin type may have when protecting from the sun in various environmental conditions:

- Singuladerm Urban sunscreen , an ultra-light, fast-absorbing facial formula, for daily use to protect from solar radiation and pollution in urban environments, helping to prevent and reduce signs of fatigue on the skin.

- Singuladerm sunscreen Urban Natural Color Light Intensity and High Intensity, a formula with silky texture color that unifies the tone and hides imperfections.

- Singuladerm Urban Advanced sunscreen with a light texture and a rich texture, two mattifying formulas that help protect and prevent cell damage, regenerating the barrier and anti-pollution function.

- Singuladerm Supreme Sport sunscreen , in a format designed especially for athletes that, with a clean&quick applicator, avoids staining your hands.

- Singuladerm sunscreen Perfection Spf30 Natural Brush, a powder presentation with a practical automatic applicator to achieve light, natural coverage with great protection and a cutting-edge mineral formulation that helps neutralize and blur imperfections anytime, anywhere.

The innovative formulas make each Singuladerm photoprotector a perfect companion for every time of the year, helping to care for the skin to keep it healthy and radiant every day.

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