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Hair Removal

For reasons of beauty and hygiene, removing body hair is a widespread practice for both women and men, increased by the arrival of good weather, to achieve complete and long-lasting hair removal to look magnificent during the summer. There are various ways that allow us to eliminate body hair, it being essential that each method, more appropriate in one or another case, is not detrimental to the good condition of the skin and that it favors its softness and comfort.

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Types of Hair Removal

Broadly speaking, we can distinguish two main methods to eliminate body hair: those that remove the hair from the roots and those that simply cut it off.

Among the methods that eliminate hair from the roots, we can find depilatory waxes (whether cold, hot, warm, strips, roll-on and other systems and gadgets). It is a very widespread and common method, which allows you to have hairless skin for almost a month, until the hair appears again. It is a very comfortable type of hair removal, since it can be carried out at home, on a daily basis, although it can also be used at beauty centers. This form of hair removal favors the weakening of hair over time, causing less and less hair to emerge and offering less resistance. Especially useful for hair removal on legs, English, mustache area and arms, among others.

In this type of hair removal, we can also find photoepilation, a technique that generates practically permanent hair removal through a series of light pulses, which weaken the hair and delay its emergence in a very efficient way. This technique attacks precisely the root of the hair, favoring a very long-lasting and comfortable hair removal, since once done, you can forget about body hair for a long time. In the first years of its launch, it was a very expensive technique to which very few people had access, but currently costs have been reduced and it is one of the most requested and used practices.

We can also find a wide variety of electric razors specific for this type of hair removal, very frequently and widely used among women due to their speed and ease of use.

As for hair removal that cuts the hair, without pulling it out from the roots, we can highlight the use of blades and hair removal creams, which act quickly and effectively, being ideal for any trouble or emergency since you simply have to apply the product (and let it act in the case of creams). The main drawback of this method is the speed with which the hair grows back.

Some Tips for your Hair Removal

So that your hair removal is as least harmful as possible, it is important to perform a prior exfoliation to eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the skin, carrying it out with very clean skin. This, together with proper hydration, will make the hair disappear more easily and with less discomfort and pain. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure after waxing or laser hair removal, and it is very favorable to apply creams after a few hours, to avoid clogging of the pores.