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One of the most effective ways to keep facial skin cared for and cared for, avoiding premature skin aging, is to use facial sunscreens regularly. In addition, protecting the skin from UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation is a way to reduce the likelihood of suffering from some type of skin cancer. Through adequate photoprotection, we ensure that our facial skin does not dry out as much and is not affected by the harmful effects of the sun's rays, mitigating the possibilities of suffering alterations and mutations in our cellular DNA. The best way to protect your facial skin from solar radiation is, therefore, to use an SPF 50+ sunscreen daily.

Without having to suffer skin burns, the effects of UV rays are very intense, even without being visible. Cellular damage causes the dermal tissues to begin to age long before their normal cycle, causing thickening of the skin and progressive dehydration, which favors the appearance of spots and hyperpigmentation all over the face.

The skin on our face is an indicator of our state of health, and its appearance can have a lot of influence on our self-esteem, as it is the most visible and exposed part of our body. This also makes it the area most prone to aggression from external agents, which is why we must take special care and protect it. It is very important to use facial sunscreen every day, since facial skin is almost continuously exposed to the sun and ultraviolet rays directly. In addition, the thickness of the skin in this area of ​​the body is thinner, which contributes to making it more fragile and vulnerable to solar radiation. For adequate facial sun protection, at Farma2Go we offer you a wide range of products from the best brands, to protect your face from the damage caused by solar radiation, at the best price online.

What Skin Type do you have according to your Photosensitivity?

Depending on the tone of the skin, the skin is divided into six groups or phototypes: Skin type I, very pale and needs SPF 50+ or ​​total in addition to closely monitoring moles or suspicious spots, skin type II, slightly pigmented and very sensitive to burns so it also needs very high protection factors, type III, gradual tanning but very susceptible to damage, skin type IV, easy to tan and resistant to radiation so it only needs medium protection, type V, very resistant to burns and does not need high sun protection, and skin type VI, very dark in tone and, although it does not burn frequently, it must be properly protected to avoid developing skin cancers (some types of cancer are more common in dark skin).

What is Sun Protection Factor SPF or FPS?

When we talk about the Sun Protection Factor, we are referring to the degree of blocking of the protector against ultraviolet radiation. The protection number multiplies the time the skin spends in the sun without it suffering damage. For example, skin that without any type of protection can remain in the sun for approximately 15 minutes without reddening can remain 10 times longer (150 minutes) if it uses an SPF 10, 15 times more (225 minutes) if it is an SPF 15 or 20. times more (300 minutes) if it is an SPF 20. The recommendations of dermatologists are to use a facial sunscreen with at least an SPF between 15 or 30 , it is estimated that with an SPF of 15 it protects us against approximately 93% of UVB radiation and an SPF of 30 of 96%.

When Should I Use Facial Sun Protection?

The skin on our face is constantly exposed to potential damage and aggression that dulls and suffocates it, accelerating the aging processes and, if we do not take any care, seriously endangering the health of our dermis. Therefore, using facial sunscreens goes beyond preventing the appearance of wrinkles and spots; sun protection combats future problems that, if not paid attention to, can lead to skin cancer or other serious diseases.

It is important to keep in mind that radiation harmful to the skin not only comes from the sun and affects us outdoors, but also affects us indoors, through artificial sources, such as the cell phone or computer, not to mention the light itself. that comes through the windows. Therefore, we must use sunscreen at all times, including when we are at home. To do this, we can use normal facial sunscreens or creams, makeup bases and mists with sun protection factor. All experts agree that sun protection is important at all times and that is why, at Farma2Go we offer you sunscreens for the face in multiple formats.

Facial Photoprotection with Leading Brands at Farma2Go

Taking care of your facial skin is essential to avoid burns and prevent skin diseases. For this reason, at Farma2Go we strive to offer you the best prices on the market for the leading dermocosmetics in photoprotection. In our catalog you can find leading brands such as ISDIN or HELIOCARE at unbeatable prices.

ISDIN Facial Sunscreens: ISDIN is one of the brands that has earned the trust of users with its quality. Through their research laboratory work, they have achieved the best facial sunscreens, with ideal textures for your skin, whatever it is. Try sunscreens such as ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Fluid SPF 50+ , with an ultra-light and mattifying texture for a shine-free and non-drying finish, or opt for makeup with photoprotection such as ISDIN Fotoprotector Compact SPF 50+ , which offers long-lasting natural coverage. at the same time it protects the skin, unifying its tone with light bronze or sand tone pigments.

ISDIN Photoprotector

-HELIOCARE Facial Photoprotectors: HELIOCARE offers the most complete facial photoprotection, with broad radiation coverage (against UVB, UVA, visible and infrared), preventing damage and even helping to repair the damage it produces. For this reason, at Farma2Go we have several sunscreens for the face from this leading brand, associated with Cantabria Labs. For example, one of the top sellers is HELIOCARE 360º Gel SPF 50+ , which neutralizes and repairs sun damage, relieving and preventing photoaging, spots and hyperpigmentation.

HELIOCARE Photoprotection