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Panty liners, Protection and Safety

Panty liners are thinner and less absorbent pads that are used to absorb vaginal secretions or the end of a woman's menstrual flow, once they come out of the vagina. There are women who use it as a hygienic product in their day-to-day so as not to soil their panties with vaginal discharge, or as a compress for the last days of the period, in which a very poorly absorbed compress is not necessary since it practically does not stain In the same way, there are also salvalsips for urinary incontinence without actually being a pad, so that they are even more comfortable and discreet. They are a perfect method to control vaginal discharge, keeping you and your panties dry, fresh and clean throughout the day.

Although they are ideal for daily use, especially for the days before the arrival of the period and for the final days of menstruation (when the menstrual flow is not heavy enough to use a pad or tampon), panty liners can also be used. They can be used during the menstrual period. In fact, many women choose to wear them when wearing a tampon to ensure that their panties are protected. They are very safe and ideal for absorbing moisture, which, if increased and accumulated for too long, could attract harmful bacteria to the vaginal flora.

Despite adding a layer of volume to your underwear, panty liners are almost imperceptible and don't wrinkle or cause discomfort or stickiness. Currently, development and research have made panty liners ultra-thin (between 1 and 3 mm thick) without losing any of their absorbent power. They are so small that you will forget you are wearing them. And for greater comfort, you can find them at Farma2Go to have them at home with just a couple of clicks. Do not forget to take a look at our Offers, Discount Coupons and Promotional Codes!

How to Control Vaginal Discharge?

All women have vaginal discharge, since it is the way for the vagina to stay healthy and protect itself against external infections. The amount that we expel varies depending on the moment of the cycle in which you are, being able to have very little or practically nothing on some occasions, and on others it can be so abundant that it bothers you. To prevent the latter, and always keep your underwear and clothing clean, you can use panty liners. At Farma2Go we have several ranges so you can choose the one that makes you feel most comfortable.

What types of panty liners are there?

Different types of panty liners have different absorbency, as there are days when you need an extra touch of absorbency and others when you simply want to feel clean, confident and fresh, without sacrificing comfort. As in the case of pads, panty liners are divided into normal absorption for mild vaginal discharge, or greater absorption (Maxi and Maxi Plus) for when you need more security. In addition, there are also panty liners specifically designed to control urine leakage.

What is the composition of the panty liners?

Panty liners are designed to guarantee maximum comfort and discretion, with the aim of making you feel clean and safe without noticing anything. For this reason, panty liners consist of a thin upper layer made of synthetic fibers similar to those used in clothing, with great absorbent capacity to collect moisture and conduct it directly to the core, made of absorbent cellulose and super absorbent particles . The bottom layer of the panty liner is also made from synthetic fibers and is designed to prevent leaks and keep the panties protected. They also have an adhesive whose function is to ensure that the lining of the pantyliner adheres correctly to the panties, so that it does not move and you do not even notice it.

Is a Compress and a Pantyhose the Same?

Panty liners or Panty Liners are much smaller and more discreet protectors than a Compress. In fact, their function is not the same at all, since the panty liners are designed to be used when you still do not have your period, in the days before the arrival of your period, to avoid being caught off guard, or just when you are finishing and the bleeding is already very weak and occasional. It has much less absorption power than the Compresses, so both products should not be used interchangeably.

There are many women who decide to use panty liners daily, even if they are not menstruating, so as not to stain their underwear with vaginal discharge, especially on ovulation days, when it is more abundant. It is, therefore, a protection for any time , and its main function is to prevent the panties from staining with discharge, keeping you clean, fresh and protected. Despite having a careful formulation and being compatible with all skin types, it is not recommended to use it always, unnecessarily, since the lack of perspiration can negatively affect the vaginal flora.