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RILASTIL Cosmetic Care

RILASTIL is one of the most prestigious brands in cosmetic skin care. Its quality is the result of the incessant investment of time and effort in research and production, with quality control procedures that provide the consumer with products of maximum dermatological safety and unparalleled sensory quality. Initially, RILASTIL Cumlaude was integrated into a set of products within the CUMLAUDE conglomerate , until, through re-branding, RILASTIL was definitively separated at the image level from this group, consolidating its cosmetics to respond to the problems found by dermatologists, gynecologists, pediatricians and pharmacists.

At Farma2Go we have included RILASTIL Cumlaude products in our online pharmacy from the beginning, aware of the modernity and competitiveness of this Italian brand, which annually invests a large part of its profits in research and development. The success of its products is reflected in the satisfaction and trust of its customers. RILASTIL has product ranges dedicated to practically all skin conditions, as well as products for care and hygiene of all skin types. Furthermore, with Farma2Go, you have the guarantee of the most exquisite and refined quality, as well as excellent treatment that ensures an agile and comfortable purchase, and fast shipping in the shortest possible time.

What are the Formulas of RILASTIL Products?

RILASTIL Cosmetics stand out for their formulations, exquisitely prepared to guarantee maximum safety and effectiveness. Subjected to dermatological testing to ensure that they do not generate reactions in the skin, nor do they contain microorganisms that could damage our skin or allergenic ingredients. Likewise, its compositions are ophthalmologically evaluated, to guarantee that the care applied to the periocular area, such as the eye contours, does not cause any setbacks. In addition, their products have a wide variety of non-comedogenic formulas, to prevent pore clogging and thus create creams and care suitable for oily skin, skin with imperfections or acne-prone skin.


Buying RILASTIL Products is a great idea to obtain the care that your skin needs , since this highly prestigious Italian brand has ranges designed for all skin needs, whether on the body or face. The ingredients of RILASTIL Products are chosen following criteria of quality and maximum cosmetic sensoriality , so that their effectiveness is accompanied by an experience that delights the senses and shows the wealth of knowledge and work of the RILASTIL dermocosmetic and pharmacological research laboratories. .

Another reason to buy RILASTIL is its values ​​and professional ethics, which are governed by the concepts of product quality and trust with the user. Thus, RILASTIL laboratories ensure the total safety of their products, using rigorously selected and verified active ingredients, and the effectiveness , achieved by using materials that have been tested in clinical studies. Without a doubt, demand and work characterize this world-renowned brand, which is why at Farma2Go we have not hesitated to opt for RILASTIL for our catalog, striving to include its best products at the best prices on the online market. Go ahead and Buy RILASTIL : as you can see, there are plenty of reasons.


At Farma2Go we have the best RILASTIL offers, with unbeatable prices and incredible discounts. Whatever RILASTIL product you need, in our online pharmacy you will find it at the best prices. In our catalogue, you can find RILASTIL products to cleanse and purify the skin, to provide hydration and nutrition, to correct the signs of aging, to treat oily, acne-prone skin, to unify the tone, detoxify, care for the lips, repair the damaged skin, care for dry, atopic skin, with stretch marks... The countless ranges of RILASTIL products guarantee that you can find the cosmetic that best suits your needs.

How is RILASTIL Aqua Hydrated?

One of the most requested ranges of all RILASTIL Products is, without a doubt, RILASTIL Aqua , a line intended for deep facial hydration that includes large amounts of Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Omega 6 to combat the symptoms of dehydrated skin. Prevents transepidermal water loss and preventing extreme dryness from causing skin problems. RILASTIL Aqua Facial Cleansing Gel , for example, serves to delicately and gently remove all impurities from the face, taking advantage of it to provide intense hydration, which you can also obtain through RILASTIL Aqua Intense Moisturizing Mask , which improves facial hydration immediately.

How Does RILASTIL Multirepair Help Dry Skin?

RILASTIL Multirepair is the solution that this brand has designed for dry and very dry skin, which is frequently marked by time or subject to problematic skin aging. RILASTIL Multirepair products efficiently treat signs of aging and repair the skin, to efficiently plump and nourish it. Some of its star cosmetics are the RILASTIL Multirepair Serum HA , dedicated to correcting the signs of aging and the protection, regeneration and repair of the skin against pollution and environmental stress, or the RILASTIL Multirepair S-Ferulic Serum Bi- Gel , a powerful antioxidant that reduces wrinkles and promotes skin uniformity and luminosity.

RILASTIL Multirepair Products

What photoprotectors does RILASTIL Sunlaude offer?

The former RILASTIL Sunlaude brand is now RILASTIL Sun System , and it fulfills the same function, focusing its efforts on the photoprotection of your skin from an eco-responsible perspective. With packaging made from bio-based plastic and trying to minimize the impact of its products on the ocean, RILASTIL Sun System (formerly RILASTIL Sunlaude) offers a wide range of sunscreens that keep the skin away from the damage and harm of solar radiation. Among them, you can find the RILASTIL Sun System SPF 50+ Spray , a light-touch body sunscreen for the whole family, or the RILASTIL Sun System After Sun Milk , which hydrates the skin and repairs it after prolonged sun exposure.

Which RILASTIL Anti-Smagliature Stretch Mark Treatment to choose?

RILASTIL Smagliature is the No. 1 anti-stretch mark treatment in Italy. This line of RILASTIL Anti-Stretch Marks is specifically designed for the treatment and prevention of the appearance of stretch marks on the skin, improving the elasticity and turgor of the skin, while exerting an intense moisturizing and nourishing action that reduces the chances of the appearance of stretch marks. stretch marks. RILASTIL Smagliature Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is perfect for preventing and combating stretch marks that arise during pregnancy or other significant or sudden weight variations. Another option is to try RILASTIL Smagliature Anti-Stretch Mark Blisters Treatment , which is a shock treatment that increases elasticity and prevents fiber breakage, repairing damaged structures and correcting visible stretch marks.

RILASTIL Smagliature Anti-stretch marks

Can I Fight Hyperpigmentation with RILASTIL D Clar?

The innovative RILASTIL D Clar line includes a series of depigmenting cosmetics formulated to minimize skin pigmentation caused by increased melanin production or its non-homogeneous distribution. Among its products, which efficiently reduce blemishes, you can find RILASTIL D Clar Depigmenting Concentrated Drops , a complete anti-blemish treatment that successfully reduces all blemishes on the face, or RILASTIL Sun System SPF 50+ D Clar Medium , a RILASTIL Sunlaude photoprotector that combines the sun protection of the RILASTIL Sun System range with the anti-stain action of RILASTIL D Clar.

How Does RILASTIL Acnestil Reduce Acne?

For acne-prone people who need to reduce those pimples and blemishes that cause so much discomfort, RILASTIL Acnestil offers a wide variety of products for the care of mild and moderate acne. Its formula combats the different causes responsible for acne, enriched with moisturizing active ingredients to stimulate skin elasticity. In this range you can find products for everyday hygiene such as the RILASTIL Acnestil Mousse Facial Cleanser , which gently cleanses and purifies acne-prone skin, or the RILASTIL Sun System SPF 50+ Acnestil , a Sunlaude photoprotector that decisively protects against the harmful aspects of acne. solar radiation to acne-prone skin.