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The secret of nutritional excellence for your baby in Capricare milk

Goat milk specially formulated by Capricare for babies is an increasingly popular natural alternative to promote the health and digestive well-being of the little ones.

Goat's milk is one of the oldest food sources, which is why New Zealand's Dairy Goat Co-operative has been developing goat's milk formulas for infant nutrition for over 30 years.

Research and clinical trials support Capricare's reputation, making it one of the most recognized brands for its benefits as a nutritious and natural alternative to cow's milk.

At Farma2Go you find Capricare infant milk formulas at the best price and with the best options to receive them in the comfort of home.

Why choose Capricare goat milk for babies

There are many options in formulas for the nutrition of newborn babies up to 36 months, as it is a necessity for many babies who do not have the possibility of being breastfed or when breast milk is insufficient.

The pediatrician is the professional authorized to recommend a supplement at any stage of development, and among the wide variety of baby milk brands there are always healthy and nutritious options for each baby.

Goat milk is an alternative to cow's milk, not only against digestive disorders, but Capricare milk formulas are also positioned as a healthy option for more complete nutrition.

Capricare milk forms a less tense rennet in the stomach, allowing gastric enzymes to more easily access proteins and promote gastric emptying.

The most suitable Capricare milk for my baby

Capricare milk , like the rest of the nutritional supplements for infants and babies on the market, comes in a formula for each stage of development.

- Capricare milk for infants from 0 to 6 months . A naturally manufactured infant formula with vitamins and minerals, free of palm oil, and should only be administered under medical recommendation.

- Capricare follow-on milk for babies from 6 to 12 months . Developed based on the properties of goat milk to provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients to complement a varied and balanced diet that promotes the development of vision.

- Capricare growth milk for babies over 12 months . Based on the properties of goat milk and with a mild flavor, it is a source of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, necessary for normal bone development, and iron, which contributes to cognitive development.

Capricare produces the formulas under a treatment that avoids overprocessing, protecting the essential nutrients and natural properties of goat milk.

Why buy Capricare milk online

The goat milk, from which Capricare makes formulas for feeding the little ones, comes from partner breeders in New Zealand to produce the best quality milk.

Thanks to sustainable and natural production, this fresh and gently treated goat milk used to make the formulas, Capricare milk offers the best nutrition for infants and babies around the world.

At Farma2Go we work with Capricare milk formulas in its three formats, providing all the advantages of online commerce to bring the healthy diet that each baby needs.

The secret of Capricare milk to reach everyone with a soft and healthy diet, we share it at Farma2Go for the well-being of your baby.