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CeraVe: skin care with ceramides

CeraVe is the dermatologist-recommended face and body care brand to hydrate, repair and strengthen the skin barrier in a way that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

CeraVe is much more than hydration, offering a wide range of skin products that have been developed by dermatology professionals and contain a unique combination of ceramides essential for healthy, radiant skin.

Plus, it has received more seals of approval from the National Eczema Association of America than any other brand.

CeraVe: origin of the brand

The history of CeraVe dates back to 2005, when dermatologists realized that the skin barrier plays a key role in skin health and its most important components, ceramides, were often lacking in skin conditions.

This conclusion marked the development of the first line of facial care products enriched with a mixture of 3 types of essential ceramides (ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II), fatty acids and other lipids to help repair and strengthen the natural barrier of the skin.

Cerave technology with 24 hours of hydration

Cerave developed an innovative release system called MVE (MultiVesicular Emulsion Technology), which releases moisturizing active ingredients for 24 hours, layer by layer, thus keeping the skin soft throughout the day.

In addition, it has an additional technology called InVisibleZinc that uses a revolutionary microfine zinc oxide of natural origin, which leaves a non-greasy, clean and light finish on the skin.

CeraVe: experts in ceramides

CeraVe is a cosmetic brand that is an expert in ceramides . From its origins they knew that the most common skin pathologies had the same common denominator: a low level of ceramides.

The most common skin problems related to dryness, such as irritation, peeling, redness or roughness, have their roots in a deficiency of ceramides.

And if we add to all this, climate, age and sun exposure , ceramide levels can be affected and compromise the skin's barrier function.

Ceramides are fats that are found naturally in the skin and are essential to guarantee the barrier and maintain an optimal state of hydration.

If the presence of ceramides is low, the skin barrier weakens, and this causes hydration to be lost. The consequence is dry, reactive or irritated skin.

By applying ceramides directly, the skin is restored and hydrated.

Thanks to the continuous diffusion of ceramides through CeraVe's exclusive patented MVE® technology, it encapsulates ceramides to guarantee their continuous diffusion to the skin barrier, thus preserving hydration lastingly over time.

A unique combination of essential ceramides (Ceramides 1, 3 and 6-II) is present in all CeraVe products that helps replenish existing ceramides in the skin, relieves the symptoms of dry skin, mitigates lack of hydration and repairs the natural skin barrier.

Cerave: extensive range of products for your face and body

CeraVe began its journey in the world of ceramide-based cosmetics with three key products: the cream, the lotion and the hydrating cleanser.

Today, CeraVe offers a full range of skin products for both the face and body (some are even exclusive to one or the other), which have been developed by dermatologists, aimed at hydrating, repairing and strengthening the barrier. cutaneous.

CeraVe cosmetics are fragrance-free and non-comedogenic , perfect for oily, sensitive, dry, atopic and irritated skin.

CeraVe has received more seals of approval from the National Atopic Dermatitis Association than any other brand.

At Farma2go you will find Cerave products to cover all types of needs, among others...

Facial cleansing: With a Foaming facial gel for deep hygiene or a moisturizing cleansing gel

Anti-blemishes: Like the Pore and Blackhead Reducing Gel or the Retinol Anti-Mark Serum.

The anti-roughness smoothing moisturizing cream or the repairing hand cream to relieve dryness .

And moisturizers like Lotion for the face or eye area

And much more, to pamper your skin with hydration needs.

Cerave is different because…

It is a brand developed by dermatology professionals , whose goal is to offer advanced skin care products.

It offers a unique combination of essential ceramides that penetrate the skin surface, provide and maintain hydration for long-lasting results.

CeraVe is much more than a hydrating facial care brand , it offers a synergistic combination of essential ceramides to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.

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