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Choose the best quality to care for your skin with Heliocare sunscreen

Taking care of your skin's health is no longer a superficial thing; as research progresses, we know better what the harmful effects of the sun can be and the importance of taking care of your skin.

Each Heliocare photoprotector is formulated from the research and development of Cantabria Labs, under the strictest international standards for high-quality production.

Cantabria Labs has been working in pharmaceuticals and dermatology for more than 50 years, which has given rise to a Heliocare sunscreen ideal for every skin and lifestyle.

At Farma2Go we work with the wide range of Heliocare sunscreens so that you can easily find the best care for your skin and that of the whole family.

Buy the best Heliocare photoprotector

With a strong commitment to research and innovation, what makes Heliocare sunscreen different from other brands is the patented Fernblock technology, which not only protects from UVB and UVA rays, but also prevents and repairs cellular damage caused by radiation. solar.

Fernblock is a natural complex based on Polypodium leucotomos extract, a species of tropical fern native to Central America known for its skin treatment properties.

In addition to protecting against free radicals, which cause skin aging, each Heliocare sunscreen helps to strengthen the skin's immune system, which protects against infections, and repair DNA damaged by solar radiation.

The entire range of Heliocare photoprotection products is made up of lines that deal with facial, body, pediatric and specific sun protection.

- Heliocare 360º , body and facial formulas designed to provide photoprotection against the full solar spectrum (HEV, IR, UVA and UVB) with different gel and ultralight textures, transparent and colored, which always provide deep and antioxidant moisturization without leaving traces and They help reduce imperfections.

- Heliocare Advanced , also in body and facial formulas that prioritize very high sun protection with SPF 50+ for sensitive and burn-prone skin, being resistant to water and sweat, incorporating specific ingredients for each need.

- Heliocare Color , within the facial line, in compact and fluid presentations with a matte finish and SPF 50 sun protection.

- Heliocare Pediatrics is the line formulated especially for children, offering very high protection in different presentations -lotion, spray and sticks- and with specific ingredients for each need.

For its part, Heliocare oral sunscreen is a special line and pioneer in the concept of multiplying the care and protection of all the skin inside and out.

Heliocare oral sunscreen formulas are an ideal complement to sun creams, specially designed to keep the skin young, unify tone and luminosity, as well as mitigate the effects of sun allergies.

At Farma2Go we offer a wide catalog of products in different lines and ranges so that you can find the ideal Heliocare sunscreen for each skin type.