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Intimate Health Care

We must always take into account the hygiene and integral health of our body, which includes the intimate area, especially in the case of women, who are statistically more prone to urinary infections and other ailments related to this area. It is extremely important to take a series of precautions that reduce the risk of contracting these types of diseases, always keeping them in mind and adapting your routine, which will have direct repercussions on the good health of the intimate area and, consequently, of your whole body.

The first thing to avoid is constant and excessive humidity, mainly in cold environments, in swimming pools or beaches. It is important to always have spare underwear on hand, to keep us perfectly clean and dry. Likewise, using cotton underwear will promote perspiration and absorption. Another of the most relevant factors is undoubtedly direct hygiene. This does not mean that you have to clean yourself constantly, since cleaning must be regular and moderate so as not to eliminate the healthy bacteria that line the vagina and protect us against infections. Also, it is very important to clean the genital area properly after having sexual intercourse.

Intimate Hygiene Products

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of intimate hygiene products, designed to guarantee the hygiene and health of the most delicate area of ​​our body.

One of the most widely used types of product are cleansing gels for the intimate area, with anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory action, frequently made with ingredients of natural origin that prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the genital area, favoring the protection of the flora. natural and respecting its pH. The most appropriate thing is to use products that do not contain soaps, parabens or silicones, to preserve and care for our intimate area in a natural and non-aggressive way. They usually leave a pleasant feeling of protection, freshness and well-being.

Another of the star products are moisturizers and lubricants, developed to care for the vagina, relieving the discomfort of dryness, favoring healthier and more pleasant sexual relations. Dryness can occur for many reasons, causing discomfort and unpleasant discomfort. When feeling them, it is best to use products that alleviate daily discomfort and, at the same time, help to achieve more pleasurable sexual relations and are compatible with condoms.

In addition, there are countless capsules and suppositories to strengthen the vaginal flora and protect intimate health. Depending on the needs for which they have been created, they have different formulations, focused more on disinfectant benefits, moisturizing action, etc. This type of food supplements are rich in probiotics for the correct maintenance of the vaginal flora ecosystem, helping to maintain digestive, intestinal and intimate health.

On the other hand, we have wipes specifically formulated for feminine intimate hygiene, or menstrual cups, the best ecological alternative to pads and tampons, made of ultra-soft and reusable medical-grade silicone that allow you to enjoy complete protection for 12 hours during menstruation eliminated the need for frequent and annoying changes.