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Condoms are a very highly effective barrier contraceptive method (although they do not guarantee 100% safety). It consists of a latex sheath (or other synthetic materials in cases of allergies or bad reactions) that is placed over the penis. It is the most used and frequent method for men, since it works very simply and without harm: it simply prevents the passage of semen and retains it. In addition, it prevents the spread of a multitude of sexually transmitted infections such as AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, syphilis, genital herpes or human papillomavirus.

At Farma2Go you can find a wide catalog of condoms from the best ranges, with the highest quality and certified with the most demanding health controls. In addition to providing excellent protection, you can find condoms with very varied characteristics, allowing you to explore new sensations, more pleasure, comfort or even greater durability of the sexual act. Great variety of sizes, textures and characteristics, to enjoy your sexuality to the fullest.

Types of Condoms

There are a wide variety of condoms, which have very different characteristics. For example, we can find condoms with lubricant, to facilitate sexual relations in vaginal or anal sex. We can find them in different sizes, or with or without a semen tank. There are thinner ones, which allow greater sensitivity, or thicker ones, for a different sensation. With grooves and points to obtain more fun and spicy textures. There are options to encourage duration during sexual intercourse and delay male ejaculation. We can also find them in many colors and flavors, designed for oral sex.

Durex, Leading Brand

Durex has more than 80 years of experience manufacturing condoms. Each of their products has been tested and manufactured with the best materials. To ensure that everyone can enjoy good sex (safe, open, honest and fun), this brand strives to make condoms that are dermatologically tested for your comfort, that perform better than the standard in global quality tests.