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Sexual Health

Sexual health is a physical, mental and social state where there is a positive approach to sexuality, maintaining healthy and safe sexual relationships, all of which are voluntary and free of discrimination, coercion, pressure and, of course, violence. It covers planning, hygiene, psychological health and mental preparation, safety and protection against the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and full knowledge and awareness to enjoy respecting and respecting oneself.

To maintain proper sexual health, it is advisable to acquire some habits such as exercising regularly and maintaining a good state of physical fitness, not consuming substances that are harmful to the body such as tobacco, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, not exercising risk practices to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies (using contraceptives with control and knowledge), practicing emotional self-control techniques, avoiding toxic romantic relationships and ensuring that they always maintain relationships between equals, consensual, without pressure or blackmail.

Likewise, it is very important to improve the sexual information we have, to know our body and our sexuality, being able to take advantage of all its elements to promote well-being and growth. Of course, for all this it is vitally important to communicate, which avoids confusion and reduces the risk of misunderstandings in the sexual field, favoring the probability of improving the quality of erotic and sexual encounters.

Products for Sexual Health

At Farma2Go we have sex toys that will help you discover unknown pleasures. Vibrating toys to use as a couple or alone, with different programming and contact surfaces, promoting fun and mischief with simple or extravagant shapes, to stimulate the genital area and the clitoris. Silent suckers with very different and entertaining programs, masturbators that simulate oral sex... everything is possible in the field of sexuality from a healthy and hygienic perspective.

To improve the quality of our sexual relations, it is very favorable to use lubricants to experience different sensations and facilitate the act. With a heat effect to provide softness and raise the temperature, a cold effect for a sensation of surprising freshness... Whatever sensation you choose, providing hydration and lubrication to avoid vaginal dryness and discomfort is a very good idea for both vaginal sex , as for oral or anal.

In addition, you can find a wide variety of condoms, always from the best brands that guarantee absolute and complete safety, to enjoy your sexual relations without risk. Additionally, you can have fun choosing different textures, such as those that incorporate dots or striations to offer greater pleasure. Wide variety of extra-thin and extra-sensitive condoms for a greater sensation of contact and sensitivity. And, of course, with alternatives for people who are allergic or suffer bad reactions to latex.