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Confidence and well-being for all your skin in each SVR sunscreen

Radiant and attractive skin is aligned with overall well-being and a sense of self-confidence, and you need to discover SVR sunscreen to take care of it.

The sun is very important for health, but intensive exposure during the summer, especially in the most exposed areas, can result in premature aging and other harmful health effects.

Enjoying the sun with appropriate care is part of comprehensive health that generates happiness and self-confidence, and that is where an SVR sunscreen becomes the most appropriate option.

The treatments created by Simone and Robert Véret, from which the acronym SVR comes, are formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients, focused above all on generating great well-being.

Feeling good is very important for skin health, and that's why each SVR sunscreen is designed to highlight the beauty of your skin's confidence.

At Farma2Go we work with a large photoprotection catalog where you can find the SVR sunscreen you need to feel the confidence of well-being in every centimeter of your skin.

Buy SVR sun protection at the best price

There is more and more dermatological evidence of the importance of daily photoprotection, especially on the face, neck and décolleté, throughout the year.

To achieve this, in addition to the tradition of buying sunscreen for the summer, it is important to consider what each skin needs to feel radiant and perfect all year round.

In each SVR sunscreen you find the most innovative formula to generate that feeling of confidence in your skin every day, taking care of every important aspect so that your care routine does not pose any setback in your daily life.

- SVR Sun Secure Blur facial sunscreen , a high protection with SPF 50+ with the exclusive mousse texture, which protects and becomes the perfect makeup base, melting instantly, unifying the tone and any imperfections on the skin. You find it in unscented presentations for sensitive skin, and in the Teinté version with color.

- SVR Sun Secure Ecran Mineral Teinté facial sunscreen , is a photoprotection treatment with 100% mineral makeup, for intolerant skin.

- Sunscreen for face and very sensitive areas SVR Sun Secure Extreme , transparent balm texture and non-greasy finish, resistant to perspiration and rose.

- Sunscreen for very sensitive areas SVR Sun Secure Easy Stick and Spray pocket are pocket protection with SPF 50+ with an invisible effect, which is quickly absorbed and can be applied to the most sensitive areas with a single gesture.

- SVR Sun Secure Eau Solaire body sunscreen, ultra-light and refreshing two-phase water that, together with the Lait Crépitant version, a bubbly lotion, offer high SPF 50+ protection against all types of sun rays.

- SVR Sun Secure Brume, Lait, Huile, Creme and Spray body sunscreen , which in addition to moisturizing, protects against all types of sun rays with a thin film of rapid absorption and a matte effect.

All SVR Sun Secure formulations are part of research focused on reducing filters with the risk of being endocrine disruptors, eco-toxics, irritants and with nanoparticles, which results in much healthier solutions for the skin and also for the environment.

Find the SVR sunscreen that your skin needs to be radiant and safe at the best price, in Farma2Go's extensive catalog.