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Natural Cosmetics for Hair at Farma2Go

Natural cosmetic products are characterized by being composed of materials directly from plants and organic elements. That is, they do not contain any type of artificial, chemical, or synthetic component. Therefore, they are much more respectful of the skin and scalp. In addition, since they are not tested on animals, they usually have vegan formulations. Another of the inherent characteristics of natural cosmetics is that it is made in such a way that, during the process, the environment is not harmed and the environment is as respectful as possible, using recycled or easily recyclable packaging and ecological production techniques and BIO.

An authentic organic cosmetic product must have at least 95% of its ingredients of natural origin and must not contain artificial perfumes, dyes, or preservatives in its formulation. In addition, nowadays cosmetic labels usually have certification seals to ensure 100% that you are choosing a natural cosmetic product for your hair. At Farma2Go we bring you natural cosmetics so that you can enjoy its positive effects for hair at the best price. Take a look at our catalog and choose the product that best suits your hair.

Why Use Natural Cosmetics on my Hair?

The use of natural hair cosmetics has increased considerably due to its multiple benefits for hair. For this reason, at Farma2Go we recommend you use the natural cosmetic products from our catalogue, always nourished by the best brands. And it is that, after a lifetime applying parabens, sulfates and fragrances to your hair, natural products are a haven of peace for your hair, fixing the damage caused by chemical agents and providing antioxidants that help the cellular activity of the follicles. hairy The natural oils contained in this type of product hydrate your hair, making it look naturally much more nourished and silky, being especially effective on dry hair with a tendency to frizz.

In addition, the active ingredients of natural cosmetics help to strengthen the hair, as well as improve its quality and density without using silicones, which despite being very effective, may not be so healthy in the long term. Thanks to the natural oils, your hair will get softness and shine, maintaining its natural color and strengthening your hair. And it is that synthetic products have a visible effect in the short term, but in the long term they can cause some damage to your hair, favoring dehydration, for example. However, BIO cosmetic products for hair have a prolonged beneficial effect with hardly any known contraindications.

Natural and Organic Ingredients for Hair

Sea salt, pool chlorine, prolonged exposure to intense sun and air conditioning are a lethal cocktail for hair. Surely you have noticed that in summer your hair is much drier, it has lost its shine and it frizzes much more. Also, if you have sensitive hair, there may be certain shampoos and hair products with chemical compositions that harm the health of your hair. Products full of silicones that hinder the oxygenation of the hair, or with substances derived from petroleum that clog the pores and cause the hair to dehydrate more quickly. To combat all this, the most appropriate thing to do is to use natural hair cosmetics, and especially those that contain the following natural and organic ingredients:

-Coconut: It is a natural product full of nutrients that promote hair health, such as Vitamins B, C, E and minerals, as well as having many proteins and amino acids, which provide hair with shine and softness.

-Argan Oil: Restore shine with this oil that has been used since ancient times as a beauty jewel for its incredible antioxidant properties that slow down tissue degeneration, giving your hair regeneration and unique shine.

-Aromatic Herbs: Some aromatic plants, such as Peppermint or Green Mint, stimulate the scalp for optimal hair growth, also acting to prevent hair loss. Others, like Eucalyptus, reduce irritation and protect the scalp, trapping moisture and naturally increasing shine.

-Essential Oils: These magnificent ingredients that concentrate all the power of nature, contribute to the formation of keratin, providing hair with strength and shine. They tend to be very beneficial for dyed, dry, or unruly hair, as well as for those hair without hydration or nutrients due to the combined damaging effect characteristic of the summer season.

-Oats: Essential ingredient for moisturizing skin and hair. In addition, its beneficial properties strengthen, nourish and soften the hair fiber, making it a powerful beautifier for hair that effectively combats frizz.

-Sweet Almonds: The oil from these nuts is a powerful moisturizer and nourisher for the hair. Its high content of proteins, minerals and vitamins are an authentic shock therapy for the hair most punished by dehydration from long exposure to the sun.

The Best Brands in Hair Cosmetics with Farma2Go

-APIVITA: Leading brand in natural hair cosmetics designed to bring people and nature together. Their shampoos are made with compositions derived from the potent products of the bee, the powerful Greek flora and powered by cutting-edge green “cosmetology”. Thus, APIVITA offers natural and effective solutions to hydrate and nourish the hair. At Farma2Go you can find natural cosmetic products for cleaning hair of the highest quality, such as APIVITA Moisturizing Shampoo , which offers intensive hydration by restoring hydration levels inside the hair fiber, thanks to hyaluronic acid, bioactive aloe and oat proteins. Likewise, it naturally prevents split ends and protects against external aggressions such as pollution.


-KLORANE: The laboratories of this brand, with a botanical soul, have developed a line of natural hair care. Using the beneficial properties of Quinine, with its great moisturizing and revitalizing power, or Oats, which cares for delicate hair, they have achieved a wide variety of natural cosmetics for hair of incredible quality and effectiveness. All its products are made with main ingredients obtained from BIO crops, which awaken all the benefits of nature. At Farma2Go we recommend you try, for example, KLORANE Quinine Shampoo, specially designed for cleaning weakened hair or as a complement to anti-loss treatments. This shampoo is a true concentrate of strength that restores vigor and resistance to the hair that mitigates the loss of hair density, improving capillary health.