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Vitamins & Supplements: essential for optimal health

Maintaining good health depends largely on the nutrients obtained through diet, and one of the most important are vitamins .

Vitamins are necessary for the proper functioning of the body , and must come under normal circumstances from the food that is ingested daily, since the human body does not have the capacity to synthesize them.

Although the best source of vitamins is a healthy, balanced and varied diet, deficiencies may occur linked to poor eating habits, special requirements in certain contexts or age groups, or reduced consumption or absorption of vitamins, among others.

There are situations such as breastfeeding, pregnancy, being in the growth phase, changes in diet, seasonality or chronic illnesses, which can cause a vitamin deficiency that you will have to compensate with the help of supplementation.

***Think that if you do not get the necessary nutrients, it can lead to various health problems.

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Before choosing vitamins and supplements to complement the deficiencies in your diet , it is important that you know what they consist of, when you should take them, and what their correct use is .

Be responsible and inform yourself about the subject in question before purchasing at Farma2go: we only want the best for you and we are waiting for you here.

What are vitamin supplements

A vitamin supplement may contain a particular vitamin or a combination of vitamins that serve unique functions in the body.

Supplementation is the concept used to describe the administration of relatively high doses of micronutrients, usually in the form of tablets, dragees, sachets or syrups, among others.

In this way, the adequate amount of one or several nutrients can be supplied , sometimes they are compounds with a high absorption capacity and often, it is the fastest way to compensate for deficiencies in essential micronutrients, such as vitamins. .

It is important to distinguish vitamin supplements from dietary supplements, since not all vitamin supplements are considered dietary supplements and vice versa.

Food supplements are products that contain sources of concentrated nutrients whose objective is to complement their intake in the daily diet.

Although in general, a balanced and healthy diet is sufficient to achieve the contribution of nutrients, there is research that has shown that this ideal situation does not occur in all population groups, and hence, it is necessary to incorporate these into the diet. daily food.

But yes, you should always take the recommended daily dose, without exceeding it.

When to take vitamins & supplements

Are you wondering if you need to start taking vitamins & supplements ?

In the current context in which many refined foods are consumed and diets aimed at avoiding obesity are followed, these are two risk factors for the appearance of nutritional deficiencies , among which vitamins stand out.

The consumption of highly refined foods , as well as a progressive reduction in the total amount of food ingested in order to avoid obesity, constitutes an important risk factor for the appearance of nutritional deficiencies, among which are vitamin deficiencies.

Taking this situation into account, it could be a good time to start taking vitamin supplements with the goal of restoring nutritional status.

The most common thing is to find subclinical nutritional deficiencies in certain population groups such as:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • Seniors
  • Athletes

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Vitamin supplements cannot replace the variety of foods essential for a healthy life, but they can...

**You don't get the necessary vitamins from food.

**You are on a low calorie diet.

**You have little appetite.

**You suffer from malabsorption problems.

**You follow a strict vegetarian diet.

**You are on certain drugs.

You could benefit from taking vitamin supplements to counteract and make up for these deficiencies.

Most common vitamin deficiencies

Are you wondering what the most common vitamin deficiencies are? One of the reasons why it may be necessary to take a supplement is anemia , which can be of different types depending on the existing deficiency . Depending on the case, it may be necessary to take vitamin C , B9 or B12 .

A special mention for vitamin D, since although in Spain we have more than 300 days of sunshine a year, and even more than 10 hours a day, the deficiency is frequent due to causes such as the use of sun protection, high meat consumption , obesity and a sedentary life , which cause it to be synthesized less.

Experts recommend sun exposure in the morning without protection for the time necessary to obtain vitamin D and some advise taking vitamin D supplements given its vital importance for the body: it regulates the immune system, helps in patients with osteoporosis, muscle pain, depression, insomnia, sadness, cavities and even digestive problems.

Another of the vitamins with the greatest deficiency is usually B12 , it is considered essential in people who follow a vegan and lacto-ovovegetarian diet.

It is also recommended for older adults , even if they are not vegetarians, and for people with conditions that alter their absorption capacity.

To see the amount of B12, it is advisable to do tests , and it must be taken into account that the consumption of algae can give false results, so in addition, you must pay attention to values ​​such as homocysteine ​​in the blood and methylmalonic acid (MMA). .

In any of these cases, oral supplements can help compensate for this vitamin deficiency.

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Make good use of vitamin supplements

If you are considering starting to take vitamins and supplements , don't do it on your own. Although they are usually very safe products whose excessive consumption hardly poses any risk to healthy individuals, it is important to do so if it is really necessary and following professional advice.

For example, the vitamin supplements that exist on the market, in addition to helping establish the adequate level of vitamins in the body and alleviating certain deficiency states , can be a great reinforcement for other measures such as taking an anti-inflammatory.

As I have told you previously, vitamins perform a physiological function and their deficiency can lead to specific health problems. The clearest indication for vitamin supplements is deficiency states, but it is increasingly common for them to be requested to prevent or treat certain pathologies.

In fact, to achieve maximum effectiveness, seek advice from a health professional to advise you on choosing the most appropriate supplement , and follow the guidelines on the correct method of use.

There are supplements that doctors can prescribe after analysis , but the vast majority can be purchased without a prescription when necessary.

Choose the ones that suit your needs (age, sex and situation), opt for reliable brands and follow a healthy lifestyle.

If you are taking any medication, consult a healthcare professional in case it may cause any negative interaction between them.

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