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Compresses for Menstruation

In order not to stain our underwear and clothing, it is necessary to control menstrual bleeding by containing it through hygiene and intimate protection products such as Compresses. Compresses are a disposable strip (except for reusable cloth ones) of cellulose or similar material that is placed on the outside of the vagina, in the panties, and serves to absorb the secretions and menstrual flow of the woman during the period. It is a very minimally invasive method of protection (compared to tampons or the menstrual cup) and much easier to use with the naked eye. The different sizes of pads available are intended to cover the different types of bleeding, since they have different capacities to absorb menstrual flow.

They are absorbent products that adhere directly to the panties thanks to some adhesive strips on the bottom. In some cases, to prevent the pad from shifting, they have side reinforcements called wings. They collect the menstrual flow when it has already left the uterus through the vagina. As a general rule, they are very comfortable, which makes them very suitable for the first periods, helping girls to learn directly the amount of menstrual flow that they expel daily.

With the advancement of technologies and research in gynecological matters, pads have been perfected by introducing new, finer materials with greater absorption, making them retain the characteristic odor of menstruation much better. We must be careful and know how to choose appropriate pads for our health, in order not to alter the pH or the vaginal flora of our intimate area, since there are pads with perfumes and dyes, which can be harmful in the long term.

Compresses With Wings or Without Wings?

The Compresses with Wings have two small tabs on each side and are used to hold the compress and our underwear, achieving better support and lateral protection . The Wingless Compresses are those that do not have wings and are adjusted with a soft glue that brings the compress in its lower part. None is better than the other, it is simply a personal decision based on what is most comfortable for you and best suits your needs . The best way to know which one best suits your requirements is to try them. At Farma2Go we have both types, always at the best price online and from the best brands in the feminine hygiene market.

What Types of Compresses are there?

Mainly, the Compresses are differentiated according to their ability to absorb vaginal discharge. Although each brand can call them in one way or another, in general, they are divided into several types: Normal for days of light or moderate flow, Normal Plus for days of moderate vaginal discharge , Super for days of heavy flow , Super Plus for the moments of greatest flow of menstruation , and Night to guarantee optimal protection at night, whatever your sleeping position. They can also be categorized according to whether they are disposable or reusable. The latter are a more ecological alternative to control menstruation without generating so much waste.

As always happens with this type of feminine hygiene products, there is no exact recipe to follow, and you must be the one who finds the type of pad with which your needs are most satisfied and with which you are most comfortable in order to be able to follow your usual rhythm of life without interruptions or discomfort. At Farma2Go we help you by providing you with a wide variety of pads from the best brands, so that you can use the one that best suits you to ensure maximum protection and discretion.

How are the Compresses used?

Using Compresses to control menstruation is something very simple and comfortable . It is enough to remove the plastic that protects the adhesive, place the company on top of the panties, and change it when necessary. It is recommended to change them every 3 or 4 hours, even if your menstrual flow is low. Changing your pad regularly prevents bacteria from building up and the pads from smelling bad. If your vaginal discharge is abundant and copious, it is advisable that you change the pad more often to avoid leaks. Most of the pads are disposable, but it is important never to throw them down the toilet, always using the trash or the special containers that are usually found in most sinks. In the case of reusable pads, it is enough to wash and clean them to be able to continue using them, favoring the care of our planet and avoiding negative repercussions on the environment.

Are Pads or Tampons Better?

Both Tampons and Pads provide comfort and protection for your period days, so you can choose one or the other depending on the circumstance, the day or, in fact, take both. Pads are external protection products, which collect the menstrual flow when it has already left the body, while tampons collect it inside. Therefore, when doing sports, it may be more comfortable to use tampons. On the other hand, at night, compresses are more comfortable and appropriate since it is never recommended to use tampons for more than 8 hours at a time. Therefore, it is best to take a look at our Farma2Go catalog and choose for yourself what best suits your needs.

What is Disposable Underwear?

Disposable underwear are briefs for urinary incontinence that offer discretion and protection against urine leakage and odor. With anti-leakage barriers and a design that adapts perfectly to the shapes of each woman, it is the ideal solution for urine leakage. Their function is similar to that of pads intended to prevent urine loss and they are usually made of ultra-absorbent materials that offer maximum security against leakage, odor and moisture, allowing you to continue with your daily life without uncomfortable interruptions.

Is a Compress and a Pantyhose the Same?

Panty liners or Panty Liners are much smaller and more discreet protectors than a Compress. In fact, their function is not the same at all, since the panty liners are designed to be used when you still do not have your period, in the days before the arrival of your period, to avoid being caught off guard, or just when you are finishing and the bleeding is already very weak and occasional. It has much less absorption power than the Compresses, so both products should not be used interchangeably.

There are many women who decide to use panty liners daily, even if they are not menstruating, so as not to stain their underwear with vaginal discharge, especially on ovulation days, when it is more abundant. It is, therefore, a protection for any time , and its main function is to prevent the panties from staining with discharge, keeping you clean, fresh and protected. Despite having a careful formulation and being compatible with all skin types, it is not recommended to use it always, unnecessarily, since the lack of perspiration can negatively affect the vaginal flora.