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Sex Toys

Part of the path to safe and healthy sexual health is knowing yourself, experiencing and enjoying new sensations. To contribute to this process of exploration and fun, there is a wide variety of sex toys, intended for absolute pleasure in intimate relationships, whether as a couple or alone. The introduction of these toys in our sexual routines means a great change in habits, being able to stimulate areas hitherto unnoticed or recover the passion and the pleasant enjoyment of sexual relations. New shapes, vibrations and sensations that add a touch of magic to our intimacy.

And it is that having an adequate and satisfactory intimate sexuality keeps us active and provides innumerable benefits for health and well-being, in addition to the explosion of pleasure that it causes. Increasing knowledge about our body and preferences with erotic toys will enhance and have a positive impact on our sexual relations.

Benefits of Erotic Toys

During masturbation we release dopamine and oxytocin, which bring well-being and pleasure to the body, helping us to enjoy sex more and get to know the body better. Reduces stress levels, thanks to the relaxing effect of sex, helping to alleviate problems of depression, anxiety or other ailments, whether physical or psychological. In fact, sex reduces the probability of suffering from certain diseases, such as diabetes or cancer. For women, there is also an extra benefit, and that is that sex toys help relieve menstrual pain, reducing discomfort at least momentarily. The intensity of the orgasm and the hormones released during arousal help to relax afterwards and relieve ovarian pain.

Types of Toys

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of sex toys, so you can experience new sensations and pleasures. Have fun and get to know your body safely and with multiple benefits with stimulators designed to give pleasure through different types of vibrations. With adjustable intensity and soft and pleasant textures, ideal for clitoral and vaginal stimulation, rapidly increasing arousal and sexual pleasure.

Another option is vibrating rings , in many different shapes and with varied contact surfaces, to adapt to your desires for stimulation and exciting sensations. Likewise, clitoral suckers have various speeds to feel their pulsations and shock waves, to discover new sensations that enrich your sexual health-