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DUCRAY, Care that Changes your Day to Day

Since its inception, DUCRAY has been a brand characterized by its constant dermatological research in order to find specific solutions to treat all types of hair and skin disorders that could affect anyone. For this reason, this internationally prestigious brand has managed to produce DUCRAY Shampoo of the highest quality, which, respecting the scalp, can treat sensitive, acneic, dry, psoriasis skin... Likewise, DUCRAY has managed to create hygiene and cleansing care. for all skin types, using science to provide the highest quality and long-lasting effects.

At Farma2Go our biggest concern is you and we want you to always get the best care for your skin, with the aim of improving your daily life and ensuring that your skin is never an inconvenience or annoyance. For this reason, in our catalog we have been incorporating some of the best DUCRAY products, experts in the treatment of acneic skin, in anti-dandruff care or in anti-hair loss treatments. As always, we strive to be able to offer them to you at the best price online, through DUCRAY offers, discounts and promotional codes, to put the highest quality of our online pharmacy within your reach.

How does DUCRAY Work with Patient Associations?

DUCRAY dermatological laboratories work with 14 patient associations around the world, with the aim of bringing together all possible information about their pathologies and lifestyles to provide much more specific and individualized care, promote clinical innovation and serve in as much as possible to the interests of the people affected. Skin and hair conditions often contain secrets that, deciphering them together with their main stakeholders, the patients, can provide the keys to improving their treatments.

DUCRAY 's ambition is to ensure that all people suffering from skin or hair discomfort are involved in each phase of the development of DUCRAY dermocosmetic products, so that they respond precisely to the expectations of their users in terms of effectiveness, tolerance and ease of use. use. Experience has shown this brand that associations are involved, providing all the support to form synergies that result in the greatest benefit for the general public.

What are DUCRAY's Commitments?

DUCRAY is a brand committed to the environment, developing its products with an eye toward preserving the health and well-being of the entire planet. For this reason, they design products from their conception with approaches that can reduce CO2 emissions and the energy consumed, always favoring renewable energy. Likewise, DUCRAY participates in a project to plant acacias in Mali, to offset 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions linked to the production of DUCRAY Shampoo, anti-hair loss treatments and the rest of its products.

Buy DUCRAY Products

DUCRAY products are the result of laborious efforts at useful innovation that have been carried out in these laboratories since 1930, with the sole goal of offering the best care for skin and hair. Therefore, buying DUCRAY Products is an absolute guarantee of effectiveness, tolerance and safety, since this brand, recognized worldwide, combines all the accumulated experience with the most developed scientific advances in the dermatological field. At Farma2Go we fully trust the performance of this brand , known for its DUCRAY Shampoo that effectively and gently cleans all types of hair , respecting and improving the symptoms of acne-prone skin, scalps with dandruff or hair loss.

Go ahead and buy DUCRAY products in our online pharmacy, where we assure you the best quality at the best price and, of course, with the highest possible delivery speed . Take a look at our catalog and choose the products that you like the most or that best suit your skin for its care and hygiene. And, of course, don't forget to check out our great DUCRAY offers, to enjoy the best discounts.

DUCRAY Products

How does Anacaps DUCRAY Anti-Hair Loss Strengthen Hair?

The DUCRAY Anacaps range of nutritional supplements contributes to the growth of strong hair and stops hair loss processes, whether chronic or occasional. If your hair is in a fragile and weak state, and you begin to see continued hair loss, you should opt for a DUCRAY Anti-Hair Loss treatment like this one that we offer at Farma2Go as soon as possible. On the one hand, there is DUCRAY Anacaps Reactiv , for maintaining strong and vital hair in case of occasional acute situations due to stress, fatigue or other factors. And, on the other hand, DUCRAY Anacaps Progressiv , intended for the conservation of hair capital in case of chronic hair loss, due to hormonal or vascular issues. In both cases, in our online pharmacy you can find them in TRIPLO format, with a DUCRAY offer so that, when you buy 2, we give you 1, and you can carry out a prolonged treatment over time that guarantees its anti-hair loss effects.

What are DUCRAY Keracnyl Acne Care?

Thanks to DUCRAY Keracnyl, oily skin with imperfections and acne tendency will be able to find the best care and hygiene , with a complete range of DUCRAY excellent cleansing, mattifying and control products , both for young and more mature skin. If your skin tends to have blackheads, pimples and blemishes, you can try, for example, DUCRAY Keracnyl Cleansing Gel , a perfect product for the daily cleansing of skin with acne, which gently removes all dirt, dust and oil. sebum that worsens the condition of the skin. If what you are looking for is an emergency treatment to make pimples and blackheads disappear, your best ally is DUCRAY Keracnyl Stop Pimples , which acts intensely and quickly in localized areas to eliminate imperfections.

What is DUCRAY Kelual DS Anti-Dandruff Treatment?

If what worries you is the severe flaking conditions of your skin, you should try the DUCRAY Kelual DS anti-dandruff products , which offer care to eliminate dandruff and improve the condition of the redness it causes on both the scalp and the skin. The star product of this range is the DUCRAY Kelual DS Anti-Dandruff Shampoo , a treatment to quickly and lastingly eliminate dandruff from the scalp. This gentle treatment shampoo effectively reduces dandruff flakes and, consequently, the itching and discomfort they cause. Even without being a DUCRAY Anti-Dandruff product, it is worth mentioning, due to its great acceptance among mothers, the DUCRAY Kelual Cradle Cap Emulsion , which gently and delicately makes the greasy and yellowish scales of babies' cradle cap disappear.

How Does DUCRAY Anaphase Work to Prevent Hair Loss?

One of the most used DUCRAY products , given its great effectiveness in maintaining hair in optimal conditions to prevent hair loss , is the DUCRAY Anaphase+ Shampoo , which acts by combating occasional hair loss, linked to stress, fatigue, postpartum, at the change of season... It is a DUCRAY Shampoo perfect to complement the action of other anti-hair loss treatments , to obtain more intense and long-lasting effects. As you can see, DUCRAY is a brand that offers a wide range of solutions for hair loss, and at Farma2Go we put them at your fingertips with the best prices on the market.