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Intimate Moisturizers

Intimate moisturizers are creams or gels that provide relief from vaginal irritation through moisture. Providing hydration to the intimate area in these cases can provide quick and effective relief, facilitating and improving the condition of our genital area during menopause or sexual relations.

In the face of alterations in the correct state and well-being of the vaginal area, such as specific itching, irritation or dryness, it is highly recommended to use specific moisturizing products to combat these symptoms, promoting the regeneration of the mucosa and flora. intimate

The main symptoms of vaginal dryness are itching, irritation, pain, bad odor and burning. And, although it is very common during the menopause stage, a stage that all women go through and that involves a hormonal change that modifies our lives, it can occur for multiple reasons, such as the use of some medications, pregnancy or breastfeeding, the use of harmful products such as soaps, detergents and lotions...

Products to Moisturize the Intimate Area

To promote hydration of the vaginal area, there are a wide variety of products that you can use. At Farma2Go you can find vaginal probiotics, which help restore the vaginal flora and keep it healthy, acting against itching, rashes or bacterial and fungal infections; specific treatments with hyaluronic acid to regenerate flexibility and elasticity; moisturizing gels that can also be used to improve the quality of sexual relations; or soothing creams ideal for daily intimate care.

Some of the ingredients that these products usually contain, due to their highly beneficial properties for the intimate area, are lactic acid, which regulates the pH of the vagina; tea tree extract, with effective deodorant action; soy isoflavones, which replace the loss of natural estrogens, or phyto soy, with a great moisturizing and softening effect. All of them contribute to keeping an intimate area hydrated and in good condition.