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Growth Milk: Essential Nutrition for Child Development

In the crucial stages of growth of the little ones, it is essential to advise us on the healthiest and safest options for them and their diet. At Farma2Go we offer you a varied range of growth milks for your baby, guaranteeing that the options are the safest and optimal for their healthy development.

The essence of growth milk

Growth milk is essential in infant nutrition, recommended from 12 months to meet the changing nutritional needs of children aged 1 to 3 years . It is designed for those who have been breastfed or formula-fed as it provides additional nutrients during growth. It should not be the only component in the diet; It is combined with the introduction of varied foods from one year of age.

Importantly, before making changes, it is crucial to consult your pediatrician, who will provide guidance based on the child's individual health and development. Growth milk is specific for this stage, and after 3 years, other options can be explored, considering the personalized needs of each baby and ensuring a gradual transition in the diet.

Characteristics and curiosities of growth milk

It is normal that before opting for one product or another you inform yourself of those details that you should not overlook in your choice, then we identify those that are essential for us:

Specific formulation: designed to meet nutritional needs in the active growth stage, growth milk offers a specific formula with optimal levels of vitamins, minerals and proteins adapted to this crucial phase of development.

Nutritional transition: recommended from 12 months onwards , growth milk facilitates the transition from breastfeeding or formula, providing additional nutrients that are necessary to support physical and cognitive growth and development.

It can be part of a balanced diet: one of its characteristics is that growth milk should not be the only component in the child's diet. From one year onwards, it is complemented and combined with the introduction of a variety of healthy and balanced foods to guarantee complete nutrition.

In addition, it will be necessary to consult with our pediatrician before making significant changes to the diet. We must keep in mind that each child is unique, and our trusted doctor can offer us personalized guidance based on the baby's individual health and development.

Growth milk is an essential component in infant nutrition, and at Farma2Go, we offer you a variety of options, all of which are reliable and high quality. We encourage you to enter our online catalog and discover the difference that will mark the path towards healthy development for your children.