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Foot Care at Farma2Go

The feet are a very punished part of our body and to which, many times, we do not pay attention. Just as we take care of the hygiene of our face and hands, our feet also require specific attention and care to eliminate impurities and keep them healthy, soft, clean and beautiful.

Running, walking, jumping and many other activities that we do daily can cause our feet to be affected by various ailments, such as chafing, blisters, calluses or bunions, bad odor, fungus, pain... So it is important to take care of them. correctly of our feet.

Taking care of your feet is a task that must be included in daily care routines to have healthy feet since they are important for our movement and many daily activities; a foot ailment can affect people's quality of life.

Moisturizing foot creams

Keeping the skin on your feet hydrated can help prevent the appearance of plantar hardness and cracked heels. Foot moisturizers have special components that help hydrate, soothe and improve skin texture.

Relaxing foot creams and masks

After a long day of activities or after an exercise session, your feet ask for a break and what better way to have a relaxing cream or a relaxing foot mask that restores softness and freshness, as well as helping them recover and rest.

Bunion Posture Corrector

Bunions are one of the problems that can cause the most discomfort and pain, posture correctors for bunions help to correct and limit the evolution of the bunion while you rest. It helps relieve nocturnal joint pain and eliminates friction pain.

Corn dressings

Calluses are one of the most common foot problems, they cause discomfort and pain as well as affecting the aesthetics of the feet.

Discover our wide selection of dressings that relieve the pain of calluses, protect against friction and pressure, moisturize and soften the callus, helping to eliminate it.

Gel foot insoles

The gel insoles are designed to absorb impacts when walking and reduce foot fatigue and pain.

Many daily activities are performed standing and cause fatigue in the feet and legs, as well as pain in the lower back. Gel insoles are designed to help reduce these effects.

Foot deodorants

Daily activity and exercise can increase foot sweating, in addition to footwear and environmental temperature, this can cause bad odor.

To avoid bad foot odor caused by sweat, foot deodorant is recommended. It is recommended to use foot deodorants that help protect your feet from bad odor and humidity, absorb moisture to control the appearance of bacteria that cause the disease. smell.

In our catalog we have foot care products , choose the one that best suits your needs and enjoy our fantastic offers.