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Refreshing care for your skin with sunscreen facial mist

The facial care combines moisturizing benefits with a high protection factor, and the form of application as a sunscreen facial mist also guarantees the refreshing action.

The convenience and peace of mind of applying sun protection anytime, anywhere is an added value that most brands are proposing in their photoprotective facial formulas.

The facial mist is a spray-like format that, due to its light texture, allows it to reach all of the skin and be absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy feeling and without the need to spread it on the face.

Due to these characteristics, the sunscreen facial mist is ideal for reapplying sunscreen over makeup and achieving an immediate refreshing effect.

At Farma2Go we have a wide catalog of brands that offer sunscreen facial mist to provide maximum comfort in your daily life.

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This presentation for sunscreens results in great benefits for the skin, both due to its ease of application and the refreshing effect that produces a revitalizing sensation on the facial skin.

Choosing the right sunscreen facial mist for your skin is no longer an exclusive option for healthy and normal skin, most brands are also betting on this presentation in special formulas.

At Farma2Go we offer the complete catalog with all the market options in sunscreen facial mist at the best price:

- Bioderma PhotoAge and PhotoDerm Max Solar Mist, a formula that guarantees cellular protection from oxidative stress and hydrates for up to 8 hours, providing an immediate refreshing effect.

- Uriage Bariésum Dry Mist, combines very high performance filters with thermal water in a spray system that facilitates its application even on damp skin and provides high SPF50+ protection with a refreshing effect.

- La Roche Posay Anthelios Anti-Shine Facial Mist, a light formula that ensures shine control while protecting against UVA and UVB rays as well as damage caused by pollution with a matte finish.

- Esthederm Bronz Impulse Spray Face and Body, a formula that prepares the skin for sun exposure and stimulates the synthesis of melanin to facilitate a uniform, intense and long-lasting tan with an easy and refreshing application.

- BE+ SkinPerfect Body and Facial, a formula that protects the skin from the sun with a transparent and water-permeable application enriched with vitamins E, C and Camellia extract.

The sunscreen facial mist is an excellent addition to the daily makeup routine and an ideal companion to carry in your bag every day as a refreshing protector for a healthy and luminous face.

At Farma2Go you find all these presentations of sunscreen facial mist to select the one that best suits the needs of your skin and the routine that your face needs daily.