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At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of different infant milks for babies to use as a replacement for breast milk or as a complement to it. All the baby milks that you can buy in our catalog are made with the healthiest and most natural formulas and ingredients, enriched with the best active ingredients to provide extremely high nutritional values. The best baby milk brands , characterized by their maximum care in preparation and by guaranteeing that your baby is fed with the highest quality and the best benefits for their development. And of course, at the best price online.

What is the best milk for babies?

Depending on how old your baby is, you should give him or her infant milk, which, due to its nutrients and characteristics, has been studied to provide greater benefits for his growth and development. Between 0 and 6 months , the appropriate thing will be any of our starter baby milks, which are usually marked with the number 1. Between 6 and 12 months , approximately, the baby's body already has a different development and we must provide it with other types of nutrients, the use of follow-on milk, marked with the number 2, being ideal. From 12 months onwards, babies not only have to acquire other nutrients, but they must also explore new flavors and textures, for which growth milks, marked with numbers 3 and 4, are ideal.

Furthermore, it is common to find versions of all these infant milks for babies with intolerances to certain foods, such as lactose, or with formulas where care is taken not to generate allergic reactions. There are also formats to provide specific characteristics to make up for certain deficiencies that babies may have, whether calcium, phosphorus, etc. At Farma2Go you will always find an option to take care of your baby by feeding him in the best possible way and with the highest quality, always with the guarantee of the best brands on the market at an excellent price.

Benefits of Milk for Babies

In those cases in which the mother cannot give her baby a diet based on breast milk, powdered baby milk is a perfect solution, which, far from causing any inconvenience, is loaded with benefits! They are very similar to breast milk, they promote the physical and mental development of the baby, help protect their intestinal microflora and regulate digestion, contribute to the function of the immune system, reduce colic and promote the overall development of the baby. In addition, they are full of vitamins and minerals so that your baby grows healthy and strong.

How to prepare Milk Powder for Infants?

Powdered Milk Preparation

1. Clean the bottle, nipple and thread. Boil them for 5 minutes.

2. Boil water for 5 minutes in a container and let it cool until lukewarm.

3. When feeding the bottle, pour the necessary amount of settled boiled water.

4. Add the correct amount of powdered baby milk to the bottle (see feeding table) using only the scoop found in the bottle, leveling for an exact dosage.

5. Store the scoop on top of the ring inside the jar for greater hygiene.

6. Close the bottle and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.

7. Check the temperature and then give the baby the bottle.

8. Cover the jar after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

9. Consume the contents within one month after opening the container.

Types of Baby Milk

Starter Milk (Stage 1): Indicated between 0 and 6 months, they provide all the nutrients that the baby needs for proper functioning and development. Very similar to breast milk , it promotes the baby's growth in the first months of life. It usually contains high levels of minerals such as iron, zinc and selenium, which help the proper and normal functioning of the protective cells of the intestinal immune system, helping the baby adapt to non-maternal feeding and be protected against harmful substances. external stimuli and agents that, in those first months of life, can damage their delicate organism. They are also usually enriched with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids and nucleotides, beneficial active ingredients for the development of the immune, bone, muscle and vision systems. In short, type 1 milk, or starter milk, will help your baby start his evolutionary and developmental stage on the right foot.

Follow-on Milk (Stage 2): Indicated from 6 months onwards, these are milks indicated to begin creating the necessary and healthy diversified and balanced diet that every baby needs. They are usually focused on continuing to improve and develop the immune system, combining this action with that of other minerals and nutrients, such as iron, calcium, zinc, vitamins and DHA, to support the growth of the baby. It is advisable at this stage of changes to also add fiber to your baby's diet, to regulate his stools and help him begin to eat some solid food in complete safety. They usually contain prebiotics, LC-PUFAs, nucleotides and taurine to strengthen visual and cognitive development. Therefore, these type 2, or continuation, milks help your baby continue to grow and develop in a healthy way.

Growth Milk (Stage 3 -and 4 in some brands-): Indicated from 12 months onwards, this infant food is usually made from cow's milk, to which some components are added to enrich it and give it to the baby. all the nutrients it needs, resembling follow-on milk, but helping the transition to ordinary children's foods . They frequently contain a good amount of iron, zinc, calcium and vitamins to support the child's growth and development, complementing their diet. Its high protein and omega 3 content contributes to the development of brain cells. Thus, type 3 (and 4 in some brands), or growth milk, put the finishing touch to a process in which the baby must adapt to new foods to continue its evolution.

Finally, there is also a wide variety of special milks to meet and care for your baby's specific needs, such as lactose-free formulas or formulas designed to be suitable from day one, for those cases in which, for whatever reasons, the natural breastfeeding is totally impossible. At Farma2Go we also have artificial baby milks indicated for babies who suffer from regurgitation or intestinal problems, as well as for those with digestive problems or allergies. These little ones need specific formulas to be able to feed themselves, such as those that make up hypoallergenic milks, milks with soy protein, anti-reflux, anti-constipation, anti-colic or lactose-free milks. So don't worry: any condition your baby suffers from has a solution. In our catalog you can find a wide variety of milks so you can choose the best option so that your baby grows healthy and eats happily. To use this type of milk, it is advisable to speak with the pediatrician beforehand and follow their advice.

The Best Baby Milk Brands

At Farma2Go we only work with the leading brands in the baby formula milk market, which guarantee all their care and effort in creating healthy and tested infant feeding products to guarantee not only their safety, but also their effectiveness and benefits. ALMIRÓN, BLEMIL, BLEVIT, ENFAMIL, NESTLE, NOVALAC ... Only brands whose prestige comes from the satisfaction of their users and the mothers who have placed their trust in their products. Because we know that your baby is the most important thing to you, and we care that it grows strong and healthy.

- Almirón Baby Milk : Advanced infant nutrition products that adapt to each stage of growth. It has been researching and developing products that combine nutrients in a balanced way for more than 40 years, helping the normal functioning and development of the immune system. You can find all its ranges at Farma2Go : Advance with Pronutra , developed by experts to cover the nutritional needs of babies up to 3 years old; Profutura , with a proprietary blend of GOS/FOS and dairy fat, which helps build baby's immune system; Prosyneo , with a patented Syneo composition and carefully fragmented proteins to support the development of the immune system up to 2 years; or Alminatur , its unique range of cereals, in which it has created the best recipes for babies with 90% less sugar than other brands on the market.

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- Blemil baby milk : Focused on the development of an advanced range of formula infant milks that incorporate the latest research in pediatric nutrition. At Farma2Go we have all their ranges at the best price: Blemil Plus is a line of infant milks adapted to the degree of maturation of babies' digestive systems, which provides them with the necessary nutrients for their development; and other specific formulas for babies with special needs.

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- Enfamil Baby Milk : It has developed a staged nutrition plan that helps support the needs of newborns, babies and children with formulas adapted to their age that help with correct nutrition to support growth development. In the Farma2go catalog we have its entire Premium range, intended for the nutrition of babies in their different stages, and milks with specific formulas specially designed for those babies with mild digestive disorders and other ailments.

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- Nestlé Baby Milk : Very extensive production line focused exclusively on caring for and promoting the development of babies, with products of the highest quality to guarantee the nutrition, health and well-being of the little ones. At Farma2Go we have the best online prices on NAN , Milk for infants in its different stages (Initiation, Continuation and Growth) designed to be as similar as possible to the composition of breast milk; NAN SUPREME , nutritionally complete and enriched with protective immunonutrients such as iron, zinc or vitamins A and C, specially selected to promote the development of the baby's immune system; or NIDINA , made to strengthen the baby's immunity and contribute to its healthy development.

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