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Intimate Stimulating Lubricants

In addition to being a very useful solution to combat vaginal dryness and promote hygiene and health in the intimate area, there are lubricants that, in addition to these beneficial effects for sexual health, must be added for leisure or recreational purposes, since their fundamental objective is increase the enjoyment of sexual relations, helping to make them more pleasant and comfortable.

They are an increasingly common ideal complement in couples' sexual relations, since they add a special point by lubricating and stimulating all the senses, both for men and women. Perfect for play and experimentation in an environment of trust and healthy enjoyment of sexuality.

At Farma2Go you can find a wide range of lubricants from the leading brands on the market. Choose the one you like the most from our varied catalog, betting on lubricants with a warm effect, to raise the temperature and passion; cold effect, to discover and experience new and contrasting sensations, of different flavors, to play and have fun, also stimulating smell and taste; and many more sensations that will enrich the sexual experience, helping it to be more fun and pleasurable.

We also have stimulating gels that are perfect for men and women, which reduce friction at the time of penetration, making the act easier. In addition, they help to lubricate better and blood to circulate perfectly in your sexual organs. Ideal for oral sex, encouraging experimentation and enjoyment. It can be easily cleaned and removed with water. Its effect is very long-lasting and its water-based makes it very easy to apply without staining clothes or sheets.