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Intimate Hygiene Gels

The conventional bath gels that we use for the body (even the neutral ones) are not prepared for a completely healthy action without risks for the intimate area. Extending its use to the genital area is a very common mistake, which can alter the vaginal pH and, therefore, the vaginal flora that naturally protects us from infections. The female intimate area is an area of ​​the body that is extremely sensitive to various factors that can contribute to altering its natural state and balance, so hygiene and cleaning with soap-free cleaning solutions that do not have perfumes or deodorants, and pH is highly recommended. neutral.

At Farma2Go you can find the best intimate gels with physiological pH of the vulva and antiseptics to prevent the proliferation of bacteria, fungi or viruses that are harmful to the well-being of our body. Instead of intimate gels, you can also use tea tree or propolis, which have moisturizing properties that will relieve the discomfort associated with ailments in the intimate area or the discomfort that may occur during menopause. Likewise, we have refreshing wipes for intimate hygiene.

Care of the Vaginal Area

Any soapy compound can irritate the intimate area. However, intimate gels specifically designed for these functions are made with ingredients that help us calm vaginal itching and itching, hydrating and regenerating the skin from possible alterations. This is something to keep in mind and is important when it comes to preserving in optimal conditions the vaginal flora that protects us from pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria, which are responsible for many discomforts in the intimate area and infections.

As general recommendations for adequate cleaning and hygiene of the vaginal area, it is recommended to take care of the temperature of the water with which you wash, with warm or cold being the most indicated to alter the vaginal pH as little as possible, and clean the perineal area of front to back. Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that excessive vaginal washing can alter the flora and cause irritation, itching and vulvovaginal discomfort , and it is advisable to avoid the use of sponges and gloves, as they can alter the vaginal macrobiotics.

Find the best intimate hygiene soap at Farma2go

Intimate hygiene is a crucial aspect of every woman's personal care, influencing not only her well-being and daily comfort, but also her general health. However, choosing the right product that cleans without disturbing the delicate balance of the intimate area can be a real challenge. For this reason, Farma2go is proud to present a line of intimate hygiene soaps, designed to offer a gentle, safe and effective solution for all women.

Why is it important to take care of the products used for intimate hygiene?

Correct intimate hygiene not only helps maintain a feeling of freshness and cleanliness throughout the day, but also prevents the appearance of infections and discomfort. The use of unsuitable products, such as common soaps that can be too aggressive, often results in imbalances that affect the health of the intimate area. Here lies the importance of selecting a soap specially formulated for this purpose.

Exclusive selection of intimate gels and soaps from the best brands

Brands like Cumlaude Lab, which with their commitment to feminine health, offer a range of intimate hygiene soaps that stand out for their quality and effectiveness. Each product is designed to respond to the specific needs of women, ensuring deep cleansing without compromising the integrity of the skin. Its gentle formulas, enriched with moisturizing components and balanced pH, are the result of advanced dermatological and gynecological research, thus guaranteeing maximum respect and care for your intimate area.

How to choose and use your intimate hygiene soap

Choosing the right intimate hygiene soap involves considering your skin type and specific needs. You can find soaps that fit a wide range of profiles, offering everything from formulas for sensitive skin to antimicrobial options for those that need extra care. For use, it is recommended to apply a small amount of product to the external intimate area during the shower and rinse well. Regular use of these soaps as part of your intimate hygiene routine will help maintain the well-being and health of your most delicate area.

At Farma2go, we understand that intimate health is a priority for every woman. For this reason, we offer a carefully curated selection of intimate hygiene soaps, allowing you to confidently choose the product that best suits your needs, because you deserve care that makes you feel safe and protected at all times.