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Natural Cosmetics at Farma2Go

To care for and treat our body with due respect, it is important to use natural cosmetics, which enhance its beauty and health, taking care of it with all the care it deserves. And leading a healthy lifestyle does not exclusively include following a healthy and balanced diet, we must provide the body with the care it requires through the most beneficial substances for it. Skin care also involves the adoption of products that do not harm health, which is why natural cosmetics are gaining weight in the dermocosmetic product catalogs of the main commercial brands. At Farma2Go we put at your disposal a wide variety of natural cosmetic products of the highest quality that do not harm the body in any way, avoiding formulations that are chemical substances that can cause allergies or negative reactions when absorbed by the body.

When we talk about natural, organic or ecological cosmetic products, we are referring to all those makeups, fixatives, cleansers, creams or similar, which are made mainly with plant ingredients, whose sole purpose is to provide us with the benefits that nature offers us in a selfless and Strictly natural. However, it is important that these products meet certain requirements to be certified as natural. The main thing, understandably, is that its formula is designed from a high proportion of natural ingredients from plants, resulting in a composition free of artificial substances. In many cases, these natural cosmetics are vegan, since they have not been tested on animals.

What Benefits Does Using Natural Cosmetics Provide?

The use of natural ingredients makes natural cosmetics suitable for any type of skin or hair. In addition to caring for and regenerating our body, enhancing health and beauty, a natural product provides a wide variety of benefits. The first of them, without a doubt, is that the manufacture of natural cosmetics does not generate chemical waste that negatively affects nature. This is because it does not use petroleum products, which can harm the environment, and encourages the use of recycled materials to reduce the ecological footprint. Furthermore, using a mineral oil derived from petroleum in our body is not the same as using an almond oil loaded with active ingredients. When you apply a natural product, the skin will react much better, since these principles only act with the specific function for which they have been formulated, achieving much faster and more effective results, and avoiding negative reactions in the body.

Many conventional cosmetic products use chemical ingredients to stimulate the body, which can cause side effects such as allergies, redness or irritation. With natural cosmetics this risk disappears, since the skin has a very high tolerance for vegetable products, causing the body to absorb everything. This also ensures that the skin remains more permeable, breathable and active, without clogging or letting the chemical remains of a conventional cosmetic product clog the pores. As mentioned, natural cosmetics also have another peculiarity: they are formulated without preservatives or synthetic aromas, avoiding the use of artificial additives and being 100% free of toxic elements. At Farma2Go we bring you the best natural cosmetics at the best price, because there is nothing better than natural to take care of yourself.

Natural and Ecological Ingredients

Natural cosmetics is committed to the main use of natural raw materials and ingredients, extracted from plants, which is where all the properties that our body needs to be more beautiful and healthy are really found. Furthermore, using natural products contributes to caring for the health of our planet, respecting its biodiversity and protecting its environment, and avoiding chemical ingredients, additives, parabens and toxic preservatives that leave behind a significant ecological footprint that has a negative impact. in our environment, favoring the harmful effects of climate change. Many of the products we offer at Farma2Go are not only made with 100% natural, pure, additive-free, plant-based and sustainable ingredients, but they are also identified with the BIO certificate, which guarantees the origin of organic farming and that they comply the requirements of European regulations. Thus, we manage to put the highest quality in dermocosmetics within your reach through products made almost entirely with natural and ecological ingredients that guarantee maximum safety, quality, effectiveness and hygiene in the final result.

Most natural products are composed of fatty acids very similar to human sebum, essential nutrients for correct skin cell regeneration, and trace elements and/or nutrients that contribute to delaying aging and strengthening our immune system. Many of these products also promote the hydration, elasticity and oxygenation of the skin, through elements such as hyaluronic acid or collagen, natural substances present in the tissues and organs of our body and which begin to become scarce with age. Other natural ingredients with incredible properties such as ginger and centella, which are used to tone the skin and hydrate the face using essential oils; or coconut and apricot oil, which prevent the formation of stretch marks by combating dehydration processes in dry skin.

Leading Natural Cosmetics Brands on Farma2Go

-APIVITA: Leading brand in Natural Cosmetics designed to bring people and nature into contact, which was born in Athens, where it draws interest in the skin benefits of products generated by bees and their combination with Greek nature. Environmentally responsible company that offers natural and effective beauty solutions for the face, body and hair, all derived from the powerful products of the bee, the powerful Greek flora and enhanced by cutting-edge green “cosmetology”. The effectiveness of its products arises from the scientifically proven protective, healing and rejuvenating power of pure bee products, together with the resilient properties of Greek biodiversity. Thus, APIVITA offers natural and effective beauty solutions for all skin types. At Farma2Go you can find natural cosmetic products of the highest quality , such as APIVITA Face and Eye Cleansing Foam Cream , which cleans makeup and impurities from the face and eyes, soothing and leaving the skin soft thanks to its formula with 93% natural ingredients. . They also have natural shampoos such as the APIVITA Moisturizing Shampoo , which cleanses the hair, preventing split ends and protecting against external aggressions to provide maximum care for your hair ; or facial masks such as APIVITA Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Facial Mask , made with grapes, rich in trace elements, which is one of the secrets of longevity in the Mediterranean regions thanks to its instant and natural antioxidant and anti-aging effect.


-WELEDA: What started as a pharmaceutical laboratory, with its own medicinal plant gardens, has now become the leading manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics. Its products are made with the aim of helping people with their health, well-being and personal development. Their work is structured around a triple concept of sustainability, through ingredients with the highest quality standards, produced in organic and sustainable crops. Today, WELEDA is a world-leading manufacturer of natural, bio and ecological holistic cosmetics and medicines that meet all the needs of its customers. This brand has a range of products specifically designed for the delicate skin of babies, which cares for their delicate dermis by offering natural protection against external aggressions, such as the WELEDA Baby Calendula Facial Cream , which helps soothe the skin by enveloping the skin. our little one's skin in a natural and nourishing protective mantle, or the WELEDA 2-in-2 Baby Calendula Shampoo and Shower Gel , which gently cleanses the baby's hair and body. In addition, at Farma2Go we offer you exclusive natural cosmetics from this brand, such as WELEDA Birch Anti-Cellulite Oil or WELEDA Soothing Almond Facial Cream , at the best online prices.