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Shampoo for Oily Hair: Control Excess Oil and Enjoy Balanced Hair

Find a wide selection of products specifically designed to control excess oil in your hair and keep it balanced and healthy.

If you struggle with oily hair and are looking for an effective solution, you have come to the right place.

Shampoos formulated with high-quality ingredients that help regulate sebum production, leaving your hair clean, fresh and looking revitalized.

Explore our options and discover how you can achieve grease-free, revitalized, radiant and divine hair.

Advantages of Shampoo for Oily Hair:

  1. Regulates sebum production: Shampoo for oily hair is specially formulated to balance sebum production on the scalp. Its active ingredients help control overproduction of oil, which means your hair will look less greasy and appear cleaner and fresher.
  2. Deep cleaning: Shampoos for oily hair are designed to offer deep and effective cleaning. Its formulas eliminate excess oil, product buildup and impurities from the scalp, leaving your hair free of residue and feeling light.
  3. Provides volume and texture: If you have oily hair, you may have experienced a lack of volume and a flattened appearance. Shampoo for oily hair can help solve this problem, as it eliminates the oil that can weigh down the hair, providing greater volume and a more defined texture.
  4. Prevents rapid reappearance of oil: One of the challenges of oily hair is that it tends to become oily again quickly after washing. However, shampoos for oily hair usually have formulas that help prolong the feeling of cleanliness, keeping your hair fresher for longer.
  5. Take care of the balance of the scalp: Shampoo for oily hair not only focuses on eliminating excess oil, but also takes into account the natural balance of the scalp. Its mild and balanced ingredients help maintain the health of the scalp, preventing dryness and irritation.

Some of the star brands to care for oily hair:

RENE FURTERER Curbicia Normalizing Shampoo

KLORANE Nettle Shampoo 400ml

IRALTONE Sebum Regulating Shampoo 200ml

Frequently Asked Questions about Oily Hair Shampoo:

How do I know if I have oily hair?

Oily hair is characterized by having a greasy, sebum-filled appearance shortly after washing it. The scalp may look shiny and feel heavy.

If you feel like you need to wash your hair frequently because of how greasy it looks, you probably have oily hair.

How often should I use shampoo for oily hair?

The frequency of use of shampoo for oily hair may vary depending on individual needs . In general, it is recommended to wash oily hair more frequently than other hair types, as excess oil can build up quickly.

Most people with oily hair find benefits from washing it every other day or even daily.

Can I use conditioner after shampoo for oily hair?

Yes, you can use conditioner after shampoo for oily hair, but it is important to choose a suitable conditioner to prevent it from adding more oil to the hair.

Opt for light, oil-free conditioners, and apply the product only to the ends of your hair, avoiding the scalp.

Are shampoos for oily hair suitable for all hair types?

Shampoos for oily hair are formulated to control and regulate excess oil.

If you have dry or normal hair, these shampoos may not be best for you as they could remove too much oil and leave your hair even drier. It is best to choose a shampoo designed for your specific hair type.

Can I alternate the use of shampoo for oily hair with another type of shampoo?

Yes, you can alternate the use of shampoo for oily hair with another type of shampoo, especially if you have additional problems, such as sensitive scalp or dandruff.

In that case, you can use a specific shampoo to treat those problems, but make sure to choose one that is not too heavy or greasy so as not to worsen the condition of your oily hair.

Are shampoos for oily hair suitable for colored hair?

When choosing a shampoo for oily hair and having color-treated hair, it is important to look for one that is safe for chemically treated hair.

Many shampoos for oily hair are formulated to be gentle and color-safe, but always check the labels and look for those that are specifically designed for color-treated hair.

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At Farma2go, we understand the importance of keeping oily hair under control and balanced. That's why we offer a wide variety of high-quality shampoos for oily hair, so you can find the perfect product that fits your needs.

If you have specific questions about your oily hair or are looking for personalized recommendations, don't hesitate to consult a hair health professional or our customer service team.

Trust Farma2go to take care of your oily hair and obtain satisfactory results!