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Body cosmetics is a set of beauty and hygiene treatments that can be applied to all areas of the body , depending on the needs of each person.

We have a variety of different treatments for each person, from body cleansing for delicate skin, skin hydration and toning, bust, chest and neckline care, to body tanning, waxing, hair bleaching or hair care. hair.

Body beauty cosmetic products will help you improve skin imperfections such as cellulite, stretch marks, dryness or psoriasis , among others. To this end, we offer you various specific products for each desired care, such as hypoallergenic gels, moisturizing creams, body scrubs, anti-cellulite, firming, anti-stretch marks, reducers and many more products for the care and enhancement of the body's beauty.

Frequently asked questions about body cosmetics:

What is the difference between body cosmetics and facial cosmetics?

The main difference lies in the area of ​​the body in which they are used. Facial cosmetics focuses on caring for the skin of the face, while body cosmetics covers the entire body. Additionally, body skin may be thicker and have different needs compared to facial skin.

How to choose the right products for my skin type?

It is important to know your skin type to select the right products. You can have dry, oily, combination or sensitive skin. Read product labels and choose those formulated specifically for your skin type. If you have doubts, it is advisable to consult with a dermatologist.

When is the best time to apply body products?

Most body products can be applied after a shower, when the skin is clean and the pores are open. This helps better absorption of the ingredients. However, some products, such as sunscreens, may require more frequent application depending on the product instructions.

Is it necessary to use specific products for each part of the body?

Some body products can be used on different parts of the body, there are specific products designed to address the particular needs of certain areas. For example, there are specific creams for hands and feet, treatments for the eye area, lotions for the bust, among others. Using specific products can help you get better results in those specific areas.