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Dressings to Relieve Feet at Farma2Go

Silicone dressings are a type of special foot care dressing, they help us relieve pain in any part of our feet.

Some silicone dressings have a protective gel that helps to immediately heal these foot ailments and prevents the appearance of others such as calluses, corns and blisters. Also, they seal the wound and prevent infection, help healing and prevent the appearance of new wounds.

Some gel dressings are products that do not peel off and have water resistance, which makes them very versatile for foot care at all times.

What are silicone dressings?

They are a type of dressing that has a layer of silicone that adheres to the skin and helps heal wounds or ailments on the feet and other parts of the body.

Some silicone dressings have special medications indicated to treat corns, corns, blisters, and bunions.

How does the silicone patch work?

Silicone dressings are placed on the wound and cover it completely, maintaining moisture and preventing contact with external agents that can cause infections.

Dressings for corns or calluses contain a medication that acts directly on the callus and softens it until it disappears. In this case, the dressing is placed by placing the area with medication directly on the callus and left to act for the indicated time.