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One of the main needs, and one of the most important expenses that parents must face when they assume having a child, are diapers. According to data from the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), a child will use between 3,000 and 5,700 diapers from birth until he or she leaves the diaper, which implies a great expense for families. To reduce and adjust this accumulated expense, at Farma2Go you can find diapers from the best brands at the best price on the market.

At the pace of evolution and development in all areas, there has also been a lot of innovation in baby care. Diapers currently use reusable adhesives to stick and remove the strips, making it easy to check if the baby needs a diaper change without having to waste it in case of a false alarm. Absorption has also been greatly improved, and you can now find, in almost all leading brands, ultra-fast diapers that avoid the contact of urine with the baby's skin as much as possible, although it must be taken into account that excessive impermeability can make the diaper that is not very breathable and encourages the child to sweat.

Another element that has been successfully implemented in diapers are anti-leak barriers, elastic to allow the child's movement, but highly effective in preventing leaks. In addition, the general texture of the diaper has improved greatly, and you can easily find diapers that, in their contact area with the baby's bottom, are soft to the touch, to care for and protect the sensitive and delicate skin of babies from irritation.

Diaper Sizes

Depending on the size and age of your baby, you will need diapers of one size or another, to ensure that they fit snugly and perform their function perfectly, without causing leaks because they are too large, or generating irritation and discomfort because they are too small. Thus, newborns need small size diapers. Size 0 is usually very resistant and ultra absorbent, since babies in their first weeks are not yet trained for any type of containment. Therefore, they are designed to distribute moisture evenly, providing the highest degree of dryness. They are especially thin models, with an elastic waist and air channels to facilitate perspiration, given that their skin is still extremely delicate.

For slightly larger babies, you have to increase the sizes, trying sizes 1, 2 and 3 , where we find diapers with very good absorption, capable of removing and encapsulating pee with microbeads, preventing moisture from reaching the surface and providing many hours of dryness, in order to not have to worry so much about your baby's needs. Larger sizes, sizes 4 and 5, where we would be talking about babies between 8 and 17 kg, usually have 360º adjustments and are also anti-leak, allowing complete and resistant adjustment to allow the baby's mobility. For older children who do not yet fully control their sphincter, it is recommended to use sizes 5 or 6, which can even be used for children between 17 and 28 kg.

When to change the diaper?

Without a doubt, the smell is usually the alarm signal that alerts mom and dad to the need for a diaper change. However, it is important not to neglect the baby's needs, since we should not always wait until he has pooped, since pee, although it smells less and is less noticeable, can greatly irritate the child's skin. Therefore, the general recommendation is to change the diaper every time the baby pees. This is a great difficulty, given that a baby in its first weeks can do it up to ten times a day, many of them coinciding with the moment after feeding.

As the baby grows, he or she will develop his or her bladder and continence capacity, resulting in his or her bowel movements becoming increasingly spaced out over time and occurring less. In any case, it will still be essential to check every so often (especially right after eating, before going to sleep and before going for a walk).

Different Types of Diaper

As the baby grows, his needs vary, so you will probably need different types of diapers to meet each requirement and situation. For example, if you go on vacation to the beach or the pool, you will need swim diapers so that your baby can get into the water without risk. Obviously, they neither come off nor suffer deformation or swelling when they come into contact with water.

There are also options for those babies with frequent nocturnal leaks. You can try absorbent underwear, made from cellulose and it is very comfortable and discreet. Specifically for girls, you can find models in panties format, and for boys, in briefs format, which are super absorbent and do not allow any leaks or the transfer of bad odors or moisture.

Ecological diapers

Apart from the typical disposable diapers, there is another option, which is increasingly gaining popularity, and which is more respectful of the environment: ecological diapers. The protection of our environment and the sustainability of the planet is an issue that increasingly demands more urgency and greater commitment on our part. Therefore, using reusable diapers is a very interesting alternative. Made with very soft materials and without aggressive chemical treatments, without chlorine, perfumes or highly polluting materials. There are also them made of fabric, which are very useful as they can be washed easily.

The Best Brands in Baby Care

At Farma2Go you can find the best quality at the best price, which is why we only work with the most prestigious brands, which have earned the trust of mothers and fathers thanks to their effectiveness and good results. In terms of baby care, do not hesitate, bet on CHELINO , which offers high quality products made with materials that care for and protect the baby, and DODOT, one of the leading brands in hygiene and care for babies. Look for our duplo, x3 and x4 packs to get more diapers at a cheaper price. Or take advantage of our incredible direct offers and price reductions, such as discounts of up to 70% on the purchase of the second unit.