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With more than 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, we put at your disposal a wide selection of products and we offer them at the best prices, so that you can purchase them quickly and easily from home.

With the principles of quality and service to our customers as a basis, we have experts in dietetics and nutrition, homeopathy and cosmetics, so we will be happy to answer any questions and advise you on the products that best suit your needs, always seeking to offer you the best service.

That's how easy it is to buy at Farma2go

Being an online sales platform, the versatility of times and places from which you can buy your pharmacy and parapharmacy products at Farma2go, makes us your online pharmacy open 24 hours a day .

You can locate the product you need through the different categories that you will find in our main menu:

Mom and Baby

In this category you can find everything you need for all stages of pregnancy , from the first days to confirm it with Tests and Pregnancy Tests , until the end of pregnancy with Anti-Stretch Mark Creams , Vitamins , Folic Acid or Gels for tired legs specifically for pregnant women. , Among many other things.

Once the baby is born, another stage begins in which care is also required for both the mother and the newborn. During breastfeeding , it is sometimes necessary to reinforce it with vitamin supplements and a whole range of creams and balms that prevent the appearance of possible cracks in the nipple and the subsequent discomfort when breastfeeding, as well as breast pumps or nursing bras .

In the first months of life is, without a doubt, when the baby requires the most care with a whole range of products that you can find on our website: follow-on milk , infant formula , cereal porridge , baby food , baby bottles, pacifiers , diapers ...


In our parapharmacy cosmetics products section you will find exclusive offers if you are a member of our Beauty2Go Cosmetics Club and the best prices on facial and body creams, more specific treatments such as complete ranges of products to combat acne , body moisturizers , anti-cellulite treatments , care for atopic skin , and a section of men's cosmetics with moisturizing creams for men , shaving foams and balms , as well as deodorants from the best brands .

Hygiene and health

To maintain a healthy lifestyle it is important to maintain correct body, oral, hair, eye, nasal hygiene...

In this category you can find everything you need for the daily hygiene of all family members with products as basic as shampoo , anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff treatments , hair conditioner , toothpaste , teeth whitening treatments, mouthwash , brushes. electric teeth cleaners , patches and dressings for corns and blisters .

Back to school time comes the time for the appearance of those uncomfortable visitors that make no difference between boys and girls, or adults: lice. Its contagion usually becomes a real headache, which is why the best solution begins with a preventive anti-lice and nit treatment . And to eradicate the problem, consistency with anti-lice shampoo and lotion is important.


During certain times or stages of our lives, such as pregnancy or old age, we need an extra supply of vitamins and minerals . The usual thing is that they are obtained naturally with a balanced diet, but, in the stages that we have described or in periods of greater sporting demand , we can complement our diet with nutritional supplements .

Among joint care supplements , one of the best known and most used is collagen, both by older people and athletes seeking to prevent injuries.

It is also common that during certain times of the year, such as spring and autumn, our body suffers and has a slight downturn, which is usually reflected mainly in a feeling of tiredness, hair loss and brittle nails. For these cases you can find complex vitamin supplements for strengthening hair and nails in our category.

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Is online payment safe when purchasing pharmacy and parapharmacy products?

At Farma2go we are committed to making your purchase 100% safe and reliable, therefore, we have applied all the necessary technological means so that you do not have any problems when making your purchase online and the process is safe.

Secure payments available in our online pharmacy:

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- Wire transfer

- Bizum

-Interest-free installment payment with Scalapay.

You can use your Visa or Mastercard card with complete peace of mind through the Redsys payment platform, the entire purchase process is carried out encrypted in a secure site. You can also make a bank transfer, but please note that this may delay order processing until we can confirm payment. Likewise, if we do not receive the transfer within 2 business days from when you place your order, said order will be cancelled. To make payments easier, you can make us a Bizum or pay in 3 times without interest with Scalapay.

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