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FFP2 Children's Masks

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FFP2 Children's Mask

A Children's FFP2 Mask is a protective mask that guarantees 92% filtration of particles and residues that can be inhaled through dust, aerosols and fumes. Designed to protect boys and girls from different pathogens and viruses so that they can continue attending school or carrying out daily activities without fear of contagion. With a wide variety of colors and designs so that your children can wear the children's FFP2 mask happily. And, undoubtedly, making the masks more attractive through their design encourages children to use them with pleasure and gradually acquire the important hygiene and health habits to prevent infections and become aware that protecting themselves themselves through masks, they also protect their environment and the people around them, an act of civic awareness that can help control the spread of diseases, whether common or seasonal.

The FFP2 Children's Masks that you can find in this section of Farma2Go are duly approved and standardized according to the criteria and requirements of the European Union. Thus, a Children's FFP2 Mask is Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in accordance with Regulation EU/2016/425. For the purposes of Directive 93/4 Regulation EU/2017/745, it is not considered a Medical Device (PS). All our models meet the requirements of the European Regulation on Personal Protective Equipment (EU) 2016/425. They have satisfactorily passed all the requirements, tests and markings, subject to the evaluation procedure for the CE 2834 Certificate.

Are there colored FFP2 children's masks?

An FFP2 Children's Mask is an element to protect the little ones from contagion, as well as to prevent them from infecting others. FFP2 Masks fulfill both functions, providing great protection. However, they may be less attractive to children, especially compared to the multitude of Reusable Hygienic Masks and Fabric Masks, which we can currently find with the best designs, including prints of your child's favorite cartoons or with beautiful illustrations. that will make the little ones enjoy their new accessory.

For this reason, at Farma2Go we have made an effort to find a wide variety of FFP2 Children's Masks in different colors and with printed drawings, to help boys and girls be properly protected and enjoy attractive and suggestive designs, as they do with other types. of approved masks. Therefore, in this section, in addition to the classic white FFP2 Children's Masks, you can find them in pink, black, blue, with beautiful strawberry prints or with fun little drawings of stars and hearts, for both boys and girls.

How do you put on a FFP2 Children's Mask?

According to health recommendations, children under 3 years of age do not need to use masks, but from that age onwards, children's masks must be used to prevent infections. In the case of FFP2 Children's Masks, they must be of the appropriate size and measurement for the child's face so that they fit perfectly.

  1. Avoid touching the inside of the mask.
  2. Adjust the elastic band around your ears until you are in a comfortable position.
  3. Adjust the external face of the mask to the structure of the face until it is well deployed and sealed.
  4. Adjust the nose clip with both hands until it fits firmly on your nose.
  5. Change the mask if it is wet, damaged or if you have breathing difficulties.

The effectiveness of protection will depend largely on proper handling and use.

Children's Surgical Masks instructions on how to put a mask on children

It is recommended that adults supervise the placement, use and removal of the mask in children.

Risks of Exceeding the Useful Life of an FFP2 Children's Mask

FFP2 Children's Masks have a useful life of between 8 and 12 hours . It is very important not to reuse single-use masks, given that their effectiveness will be seriously impaired and may, in some ways, be counterproductive for children's health, apart from the risks generated by believing that one is protected, when It really isn't...

Excessively extending the recommended hours of use for a mask is something that entails certain dangers, apart from that false belief of being protected. The filters, which are essential for the purifying and barrier action of the mask, become clogged with use, and it is after these hours that they no longer function correctly and can allow potentially infectious and contagious particles to enter and exit. And this is not the only risk! In fact, improper use of masks can lead to a wide variety of pathologies and infections. The droplets of saliva that we expel when speaking accumulate on the inside of the mask, wetting the fabric and favoring, over time, the growth of fungi and colonies of bacteria, which can cause respiratory or body problems. For example, it is common, as a result of improper use of masks, the appearance of mouth ulcers, the appearance of small wounds in the corners of the lips and the development of small pimples and acne.

Luckily, getting children to avoid all of this is simple: you have to teach them to use their FFP2 mask only for the recommended hours. To use more than once, there are reusable masks, which we can wash comfortably and use again a specific number of times.