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Natural Cosmetics for Babies at Farma2Go

Sales of organic and natural cosmetic products do not stop growing, reaching an increase of up to 20% in recent years. In general, more and more people are encouraged to use natural cosmetics to take care of their bodies, in view of its great benefits. Especially, this increase in sales has occurred in the area of ​​products intended for babies, since their skin is even more delicate than that of adults and it is irritated and reacts more easily in the presence of chemical substances, no matter how small. At a stage where any aggression, however slight, can harm our baby, it is essential to do everything on our part to protect him and maintain his well-being. One step to achieve this is, without a doubt, the natural children's cosmetics that we offer you at Farma2Go.

The natural cosmetics in our catalog have formulations with percentages close to 100% of natural, ecological and organic ingredients. To take maximum care of the little ones, it is important to select authentic natural products that do not have any molecule of elements that are not present in nature, that is, that have been artificially created in a laboratory. Conventional cosmetics is usually full of this type of artificial products, such as silicones, parabens, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, aluminum, chemical preservatives, dyes or artificial perfumes. All these inorganic products can generate various reactions and irritations for the delicate and fragile skin of babies and children. To avoid this, it is best to look carefully at the product labels and choose only cosmetics that only contain 100% ingredients from nature, such as vegetable oils, essential oils or plant extracts.

What are the advantages of using natural cosmetics?

The advantages of using cosmetic products on the baby's skin compared to products made by chemical laboratories are many and very diverse. For starters, they guarantee much less chance of irritation. Babies have thinner, more permeable skin and are therefore very sensitive to external agents, such as chemicals, which can easily cause reactions and allergies. By avoiding these irritations , natural products are indicated for all skin types, even atopic skin. In addition, they are especially moisturizing, and hydration is precisely what atopic-prone skin needs the most. Thanks to its rich compositions in butters and natural oils, natural cosmetics provide hydration to our baby's skin, which will assimilate, nourish, absorb and hydrate it in depth.

Baby skin has a neutral pH that slowly becomes more acidic. In addition, your sebaceous glands are less active, you dehydrate more easily and are more sensitive to external irritating and infectious agents. For all this, babies require products that isolate their skin and defend it naturally. Ingredients such as calendula or aloe vera are perfect for this, since in addition to hydrating, they soothe and regenerate the epidermis. In short, natural cosmetics take care of your health in the long term, avoiding chemical ingredients that can cause damage in the long term. Without forgetting, of course, that they are organic products and in addition to being very beneficial for our babies' skin, they are respectful of the environment and biodiversity. The raw materials of natural cosmetics are obtained in a natural, sustainable and controlled way and, generally, the packaging is free of plastics.

Natural Care for Our Baby

Natural cosmetics are basically made up of vegetable oils and waxes that guarantee that they contain all the properties to help keep the protective layer of the baby's skin healthy, so that it is not unprotected and that it is cared for without irritating it. For example, it is advisable to use natural gels, shampoos and soaps, since conventional ones may contain irritating substances that are very aggressive for the skin of babies. However, the natural ones, made with ingredients derived from coconut or sugar, are suitable for the care of children and the whole family. For the same reason, it is advisable to avoid artificial moisturizing products and use only those composed of vegetable oils obtained by cold pressing the nuts, seeds and fruits of different trees and plants, which provide the skin with extra moisture. vitamins and protection. Some of them, such as Calendula or Apricot oil, have the ability to soothe itching and prevent skin flaking, being very useful for eczema in children and scabs in infants.

Another great idea is to replace typical baby colognes, which often contain large amounts of alcohol and synthetic ingredients, with hydrosols. This alternative, the result of steam distillation of aromatic plants, is much more tolerant and suitable for the delicate skin of babies, helping to perfume in a healthy and natural way. Good options are natural orange blossom perfumes, which help babies relax and fall asleep, or damascena rose, with fantastic refreshing properties that will wrap up the little ones. Take a look at our catalog to find the best natural cosmetics for children. At Farma2Go we strive to offer you the highest quality for your baby's skin at the best price.

Leading Brands in Children's Natural Cosmetics at Farma2Go

WELEDA Children and Baby: The products of this pharmaceutical laboratory, focused on cosmetics created from medicinal plants, are especially careful with sensitive skin, achieving high tolerance and a zero possibility of reactions or irritations thanks to being composed practically in their entirety. entirely by natural ingredients. They also have a range of natural cosmetics specialized in the care of babies and children, made with the aim of helping the little ones with their health, well-being and personal development. His work is structured on a triple concept of sustainability, through ingredients with the highest quality standards, produced in organic and sustainable crops. Currently, WELEDA is a world leading manufacturer of natural, bio and ecological holistic cosmetics and medicines that satisfy all the needs of your baby's skin. For example, WELEDA Calendula Baby Diaper Cream is a product made with 100% natural and BIO ingredients that effectively prevents skin irritation in the diaper area. Keeps the bottom protected and perfectly isolated from moisture, providing the properties of Calendula, which prevents, soothes and regenerates redness and irritation.

-KLORANE Baby: The laboratories of this brand, with a botanical soul, have developed a line of natural care for babies and children. Using the beneficial properties of Calendula, which safely soothes and protects the skin of babies, or Oatmeal, which cares for delicate skin and hair, they have achieved a wide variety of natural cosmetics for children of incredible quality and effectiveness. All its products are made with main ingredients obtained from BIO crops, which awaken all the benefits of nature. At Farma2Go we recommend you try, for example, the KLORANE BABY Gentle Body and Hair Cleansing Gel , ideal for the skin and hair of babies and children. Formulated with calming Calendula obtained from organically grown flowers, it has a multitude of moisturizing agents and is flavored with a tender and relaxing natural perfume. This soft foam gel will offer your baby the best sensations during the bath, guaranteeing protection and skin care.