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Band-Aids, Patches and Dressings

It has always been said that prevention is much better than care, and there is no better way to prevent than having a complete first aid kit at home, at work or if we travel. Having basic care items on hand can solve any emergency or prevent a minor injury or discomfort from suffering complications and worsening until it becomes a more serious problem. To do this, it is important to always have sterile gauze, cotton, dressings, bandages, tape, plasters, and more.

Likewise, it is important to maintain good hygiene and care for all these elements that we store, since if attention and cleaning are neglected, they can lose their antiseptic properties, so important to prevent an open wound from becoming infected or muscle pain from getting worse. . For this reason, we must always clean and disinfect all the accessories that we have used to accommodate the plasters, patches or dressings, whether they are scissors or tweezers, and replace the material that we use so that we never find ourselves in the situation of needing something urgently and that it is has exhausted.

Our First Aid Kit

At Farma2Go we help you assemble that much-needed first aid kit with the most important sanitary elements, apart from other products that are usually present in every home such as cotton or gauze. For example, we must always have a good supply of plasters and dressings, especially if we live with children, made of tolerable material and that have adhesive to stick to the skin, respecting the wound area, protecting it and caring for it. It is important, especially for the little ones, that the removal of the dressing is painless, so in addition to the strong adhesion capacity so that the plaster remains in place, we must add that quality of easy removal.

Another element that can be very useful are patches to relieve muscle and joint pain, whether in the neck, shoulders, wrists... There are some that can release heat to provide calm and relief for a prolonged period; and there are cold ones to alleviate the pain of sprains, bruises, strains, headaches or to reduce swelling.