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Take care of the skin of the little ones with the ISDIN Pediatrics photoprotector

Children's skin is especially sensitive to the sun and to adequately protect it, ISDIN Pediatrics sunscreen is the best formula.

Most of our best memories as children have been forged under the sun, but so that they leave a mark only in our memory and not on our skin, it is important to protect it in the best way.

ISDIN formulas are world-renowned for the careful selection of ingredients and technological innovation to develop formats adapted to each need.

In the wide range of photoprotectors, ISDIN also offers a line specially developed for babies and children, both in its formulation and in its presentations.

Find the ideal ISDIN Pediatrics sunscreen to protect the skin of your little ones at Farma2Go, at the best price and in the most comfortable way.

Buy the most suitable ISDIN Pediatrics photoprotector

The skin of babies and children is much more vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun, it has an almost neutral pH and melanin levels are very low, which is why it is crucial to protect it throughout the year.

The formulas of each ISDIN Pediatrics sunscreen take into account this level of sensitivity, as well as the importance of playing and enjoying the outdoors to take advantage of the benefits of the sun.

That is why it has developed a special line for the little ones, with ingredients designed to care for their skin, and whose effectiveness has been dermatologically and pediatrically tested.

Together with the special formulation, each ISDIN Pediatrics photoprotector is soft and easy to apply, a key factor both for parents and for forming the habit and allowing them to apply it as they grow.

- ISDIN Fusion Water MAGIC Pediatrics sunscreen , the ultra-light texture for babies and children that is immediately absorbed, intensely hydrating the skin and providing high protection.

- ISDIN Mineral Baby Pediatrics photoprotector , a fluid formula for face and body with 100% mineral filters, resulting in easy application, moisturizing and great protection.

- ISDIN Gel Cream Pediatrics photoprotector , with antioxidant and dexpanthenol, acts by hydrating like a cream and refreshing like a gel, making it easy to apply on damp skin without leaving a residue.

- ISDIN Lotion Spray Pediatrics photoprotector , immediately drying and with immortelle extract that helps reinforce the skin barrier, provides high protection and intensely moisturizes.

- ISDIN Transparent Spray Wet Skin Pediatrics photoprotector , transparent and immediately drying, refreshing and with high protection to reinforce the skin barrier.

All ISDIN pediatric sunscreens are hypoallergenic, are formulated for application from 6 months and must be reapplied every 2 hours of continuous sun exposure.

Great protection for the little ones at the best price

The innovation developed for each ISDIN Pediatrics sunscreen makes these formulas the great allies of every summer, thanks to the ease of application and the high protection designed for the skin of the little ones.

Taking advantage of these advantages all year round, and especially in summer, is very easy and fast by buying online at the best price.

At Farma2Go you find the complete catalog with the ISDIN pediatrics photoprotector that you need to take care of the skin of the little ones every day.