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Food Supplements for Joints, Muscles, Bones, Cartilage and Tendons

At Farma2go we want to offer you a wide range of products to improve the condition of your joints . Among the wide variety of food supplements, collagen and magnesium are the most used given their high effectiveness and easy assimilation.

Among the brands with the best opinion among our customers are:

What benefits does collagen have for joints?

Collagen is the most used dietary supplement for health and joint care , given its properties to strengthen bones, cartilage and tendons.

Collagen is widely used by athletes due to its greater physical wear , since it helps reduce the impact on joints caused by continued effort.

Hydrolyzed collagen is widely used for skin care thanks to its improved digestibility and the body's high capacity to assimilate it.

Collagen can be taken in both powder and tablet form , and both options are equally effective for the body , so choosing one or the other will only depend on your preferences.

At Farma2go we work to offer the best joint supplements at the best price.

What benefits does magnesium have for joints?

Magnesium is an extremely important mineral since it is involved in many essential functions in our body :

  • Regulates the activity of enzymes producing energy.
  • It is involved in the synthesis of RNA and DNA.
  • Helps in maintaining mineral balance.

Therefore, magnesium is essential both to maintain bone structure and for nerves and muscles to function properly.

What benefits do collagen and magnesium have for our health?

Among our range of joint supplements , you can find a wide variety of products, in powder or tablets , since the combination of these two minerals is essential to maintain bone and muscle health.

It prevents joint wear by strengthening muscles, cartilage and bones while helping to regenerate tissues such as skin, hair and nails .

Muscles and joints suffer a lot today due to the physical submission and sports we practice .

Collagen and magnesium contribute to joint lubrication and flexibility, cartilage conservation, injury prevention, improved mobility, and reduction of pain and inflammation .

If you are an athlete and are looking for a quick recovery after exercise , we recommend collagen and magnesium in soluble powder to prepare hypertonic drinks . They contain mineral salts and electrolytes , balancing the loss caused by sweat . They also incorporate glucose that facilitates the absorption of salts , providing energy in the form of easily assimilated carbohydrates .

You can also increase your muscle mass and enhance your response and performance with our products with high purity and tolerability creatine . You will notice how your body fat mass index drops and how you feel more responsive and powerful (due to its direct action on muscle contraction).

Get the solution to your problem with the products in our catalog. Improve your muscle and joint health with Farma2go treatments.