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Hygiene, Health and Body Care

Body hygiene is one of the basic aspects to take into account about our image, and therefore, we must take care of it. For this, there are several products such as moisturizing treatments, exfoliants, deodorants, sponges, ... that will help us take care of personal hygiene.

Each person's skin is different, there are people with dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin,... We must take this into account to choose the products that best suit each type of skin.

Our products are available for all skin types and care , so you can choose the one that best suits you.

-Masks: Wide variety of surgical, hygienic, reusable, disposable, FFP2, FFP3, KN95... masks for protection against viruses through high filtration of the air we breathe.

-Mask Holder: Antibacterial cases to store and protect the masks, so that they are kept in good condition to guarantee their effectiveness.

-Facial Protection Screens: Protective screens to protect the most dangerous areas (eyes, nose and mouth) against contagion via droplets, splashes, sneezes, etc.

-Antiseptics and Sanitizers and Gloves: Hydroalcoholic Gels and Nitrilium and Latex Gloves to disinfect and thoroughly clean hands, so that unwanted and involuntary infections can be avoided.

-Hair: Hair and Hair Care through a wide variety of shampoos and masks, which can be complemented with treatments for various hair conditions or with dyes and other products.

-Oral: Care and cleaning of the mouth, tongue, teeth and gums to avoid ailments related to bacterial plaque. Electric brushes, irrigators, mouthwashes, toothpastes...

-Hair removal: Products to achieve efficient and close hair removal of body hair.

-Intimate Health: Hygiene care and treatments for the health of the intimate area through gels, lubricants, sprays or wipes.

-Sexual Health : It is important that our sexual relationships are healthy, risk-free and pleasurable. To do this, it is sometimes necessary to resort to condoms, lubricants, gels or treatments to alleviate certain ailments or conditions.

-Eye: Drops and Eye Drops for eye health. Products and cosmetics that guarantee the care of eyes, eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows.

-Nasal: It is important to adopt a good nasal hygiene routine from a very early age, as important as proper dental hygiene and personal hygiene. To do this, it is important to use nasal and ophthalmic serums and solutions, aimed at both the care of the baby and the adult.

-Ears: Completely waterproof neoprene earplugs and bands, with silicone texture to prevent water from entering the ears.

-Anal: Cleansing wipes for hygiene of the anal area, especially indicated for daily hygiene in cases of hemorrhoids, anal and perianal fissures, and anal and perianal itching.

-Feet: Specific care, to eliminate impurities and keep the feet healthy, soft, clean and beautiful.

-Lice and Mosquitoes: Prevents and relieves bites from insects such as spiders, mosquitoes, bees, horseflies or irritating plants.

-Band-Aids, Patches and Dressings: Band-Aids, Patches and Dressings for countless ailments and specific situations, such as the relief of foot problems, bunions, calluses...

-Stockings and Orthopedics: Socks and orthopedic gadgets to improve your stride, strengthen your step or help your knees and other joints not suffer when exercising.

-Measuring Devices: A wide variety of measuring devices to check your general health, whether through blood pressure, temperature or other body data collection systems.

-Hygiene and Protection for Everyone: Hygiene and skin disinfection products such as masks, hydroalcoholic gels, disposable gloves, thermometers and supplements. Find everything you need to protect yourself and the people around you from infections and viruses.