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Ear Care

The ears are an essential organ for listening to sounds and sensations, which is why it is vitally important to care for and clean this area of ​​the body, also avoiding subjecting them to intense noises, so that we do not suffer hearing problems and infections. For the latter, it is a very good idea to use earplugs to isolate ourselves from noise.

There are a multitude of ailments and conditions that can pose a risk to hearing , such as wax plugs. If the prevention of these problems has not been effective, we can always remedy them using some health products, always with the recommendation of our doctor.

Ear plugs

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of earplugs of different models. All of them have an anatomical shape that adapts perfectly to your ear and greatly reduces outside noise. Composed of paraffins, cotton and talc.

In addition to isolating us from intense noise, facilitating rest or concentration in places or times when there is a lot of noise in the environment, earplugs are very useful for preventing discomfort in specific situations, such as when traveling by car. plane.

During the flight, both during takeoff and landing, pressure changes can make our ears suffer, generating intense discomfort that in some cases can become worse. To prevent these damages, there are plugs especially indicated to prevent pain in the eardrum generated by these sudden changes in pressure. Using a ceramic filter, the progressive exchange of air is favored over several minutes, making the eardrum adapt little by little to the new pressure, without undergoing a sudden change.

Another specific model of plugs are the neoprene bands for the bathroom, which have perfect adhesion to prevent water from damaging our ears. Made of high-density materials, they effectively protect your ears from water in the shower, the sea or the pool. Its anatomical shape adjusts with a velcro system that perfectly covers the ears, allowing bathing without risk of ailments or damage to our ears.

Other Common Problems

Wax plugs sometimes become a very annoying nuisance that does not dissolve, causing major hearing problems. To dissolve them effectively, at Farma2Go you can purchase ear sprays that help remove wax plugs from the external ear canal or by breaking the plug into small, easy-to-remove fragments.

Our solutions have potassium hydroxide, an element that favors the softening of earwax and facilitates its extraction. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide works by releasing oxygen that softens and breaks the wax plug into smaller, easier to remove fragments.