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To care for and protect your skin , it is important to use adequate sun protection to avoid burns and other damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it is advisable to use after sun products after sun exposure to rehydrate and soothe the skin. In general, all after sun products, whether for the face or body, have a very light texture that is quickly and easily absorbed and applied. After prolonged sun exposure, the skin is usually slightly irritated (although we cannot see it with the naked eye), which is why after sun products have a large amount of soothing ingredients designed to care for and regenerate the skin.

No matter how much we use a sunscreen suitable for our skin, with a high broad-spectrum sun factor that protects us from UVA radiation (responsible for long-term skin damage, associated with alterations in cellular tissues that can lead to in dermal cancers) and UVB (associated with skin irritations and burns, that is, with more superficial and visible damage in the short term), the sun, sea water and chlorine, promote skin dehydration. For this reason, and to relieve possible burns and superficial redness, it is a great idea to opt for an after sun to instantly rehydrate the skin and reduce itching and tightness. Another added advantage of after sun products is that they prevent the signs of photoaging and keep the skin younger, also promoting the maintenance and uniformity of our skin's tan. At Farma2Go we offer you a wide variety of After Sun to soothe your skin after sunbathing. Take a look and with a couple of clicks, you will have the product you want at home!

Are an After Sun and a Moisturizing Cream the Same?

After suns, like moisturizing creams, are great sources of water for the skin that contribute to its hydration in a superficial and deep way. The big difference between these two cosmetic products is that the after sun, in addition to moisturizing, relieves discomfort and prevents premature aging of the skin, given that, in addition to moisturizing substances, it has active ingredients with calming properties such as Aloe Vera or Calendula. . If you have been exposed to the sun for a long time and your skin is slightly red or irritated, it is best to use an after sun, which will soothe the skin and refresh it in a way that no moisturizing cream can.

What Benefits Does Using After Sun Provide?

After Suns have numerous benefits on our skin, since they hydrate and nourish it, refresh and relieve the stinging and heat caused by solar radiation, prevent the signs of photoaging, keeping the skin younger and help the tan last longer. and be more uniform. Below, we precisely describe all its benefits:

-Sense of relief: After Suns have the power to calm the sensation of heat and acute pain that we can feel after burning our skin, relieving the sensation of dryness and tight skin, and providing freshness to the area of ​​the body in which it is applied. we apply. In addition, some are made with Aloe Vera, which makes us notice the refreshing effect even more.

-Hydration: the application of an After Sun hydrates the skin abundantly, helping the cells of your dermal tissue not to dry out excessively when exposed to the sun's rays.

-Fluidity: After Sun lotions are slightly more liquid and fluid than normal moisturizing creams. Therefore, in summer, they are much more comfortable, since they are applied much more easily and absorbed faster.

-Softness: After Sun hydrates the inner layers of the skin, softening it and making the typical tightness of recently burned skin disappear.

-Anti-wrinkle: applying an After Sun is a good option to combat the appearance of wrinkles. Photoaging is precisely caused by the action of the sun, which participates in the dehydration of the skin, causing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Therefore, applying after sun lotion after sun exposure helps your skin, once hydrated, reduce the risk of wrinkling.

-Repair: After Sun repairs the skin quickly, easily and efficiently after burns, relieving and mitigating peeling skin and peeling.

-Tan: regular use of After Sun helps the tan stay longer, since the tan color fixes better on elastic and toned skin. In addition, it will present a more uniform and luminous tone thanks to proper hydration.

What composition do After Suns have?

To achieve all these benefits, we must ensure that the After Sun we use has among its main active ingredients beneficial for the relief and regeneration of the skin such as Shea Butter, which is characterized by maintaining and conserving the hydration of the skin, Aloe Vera, which has regenerating properties and acts to soothe the skin quickly and effectively, or Glycerin, which plays an important role in retaining water in the body to avoid dehydration. At Farma2Go we only work with the most exclusive brands, which have proven to their clients to be a guarantee of effectiveness and relief for burned skin. Search our catalog for the After Sun that contains the most beneficial natural ingredients for your skin and get it at the best price!

What Types of After Sun are there on the market?

There are different types of after sun textures to choose from that best suits the needs of our skin or our tastes. The most common and common is the one with a cream texture, which can be lighter or thicker, but with a creaminess similar to moisturizing creams. Another texture that we can find is that of gel or fluid, which is characterized by providing a great sensation of freshness and being absorbed quickly. It is usually very good for people who have oily skin, since they are very light and do not leave a sticky or greasy feeling on the skin. We can also find after sun sprays, which usually have a very pleasant and refreshing texture, which when sprayed resembles fresh water.

Top Sales After Sun of Farma2Go

As important as using sunscreens to care for the skin, avoid burns and prevent skin diseases, it is to properly use After Sun lotions to calm and soothe the skin after sun exposure. For this reason, at Farma2Go we strive to offer you the best prices on the market for after sun products. In our catalog you can find leading brands such as ISDIN or HELIOCARE at unbeatable prices, to complement the use of sun creams and relieve your body after sunbathing in the most effective way.

LA ROCHE POSAY: This prestigious brand of dermocosmetics has a range specifically designed for after-sun care: POSTHELIOS. For example, PostHelios Soothing Melting Gel repairs, softens and restores lipids to dry skin under the stress of sun exposure. An ideal lotion for dry skin that has been subjected to extensive sun exposure, which calms and soothes the skin by applying it after a shower or bath and massaging gently.

CAUDALIE: Natural cosmetics of the highest quality with products made from vine and grape extracts. To soothe the skin after continued exposure to the sun, this leading brand in the sector offers CAUDALIE After-Sun Tan Prolonging Lotion , an ideal treatment for nourished and calm skin and a long-lasting and luminous tan. Its velvety, non-sticky texture penetrates easily and provides an immediate sensation of freshness and softness. In addition, it is made with 98% ingredients of natural origin.