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Find out how to choose the right Hero milk for your baby

Finding the best baby food may seem like a monumental task, but Hero Baby offers a number of nutritional formulas that will make it much easier for you.

Hero Baby is a world-renowned brand in infant formulas that offers a wide range to accompany the different stages of development of infants and babies.

The brand ensures high quality food thanks to the best ingredients and natural processes for the production of healthy, efficient and sustainable products.

At Farma2Go we have a wide variety of Hero Baby milk at the best price, and we advise you on choosing the best formula for the nutrition of infants and babies.

What type of Hero Baby milk formulas to choose

The best food for babies is breast milk, but when, for any reason, it is not enough or it is impossible to breastfeed, the pediatrician will recommend a nutritional formula.

Hero Baby milk comes in powder form to be prepared with water and you should only buy the one recommended by the doctor, corresponding to the stage of development in which the baby is.

- Hero Baby Nutrasense Premium milk : an exclusive combination developed based on the recommendation of the Hero Infant Nutrition Institute to guarantee the effective nutrition needed at each stage, from the initial stage (0 to 6 months), the follow-on stage ( from 6 to 12 months) and growth (from 12 to 36 months), provides probiotics present in breast milk, which contribute to correct development.

- Hero Baby Pedialac milk : a range, with a specific formula for the three stages of development between 0 to 36 months (initial, continuation and growth), which provides dairy lipids and nucleotides present in breast milk to contribute to cognitive development, brain and immune system, and growth.

Within Hero Baby's Pedialac range are special formulas for the dietary treatment of intestinal ailments and disorders from day one:

- Hero Baby AR milk is a special food for medical use for the treatment of regurgitation and mild digestive disorders.

- Hero Baby Lactose Free milk is indicated, under medical treatment, for primary lactose intolerance.

- Hero Baby milk Digest AE/AC is a nutritionally complete formula suitable for the treatment, under special medical dosage, of colic, constipation and other mild digestive disorders.

- Hero Baby FEH milk is used under medical supervision for the dietary treatment of intolerance or allergy to cow's milk protein.

The confidence of buying the right Hero Baby milk at the best price

It is essential to follow medical recommendations for healthy and safe feeding of the baby, especially when it comes to special formulas and starter milk.

Another key aspect is choosing the brand of baby milk, and that is where Hero Baby's experience and research history matters.

Bringing this composition to your home is part of our specialty. At Farma2Go you only have to select the Hero Baby milk indicated for your baby, make the payment easily with any digital means and receive it at your home.

Feeding your baby is very important, and that is why at Farma2Go we offer a wide catalog of Hero Baby milk at the best price, with formats and savings packs to guarantee the true nutrition of your baby.