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Farline Cosmetics and personal care products

Farline, a brand owned by Cofares , the leading company in the distribution of medicines and pharmaceutical products in Spain with more than 75 years of experience , creates the innovative Farline brand with products capable of meeting people's needs. Having the vision of providing support and assistance with the best and most advanced technologies in the health area.

Farline makes available to the consumer a wide catalog of innovative, personal care, effective products with an excellent quality-price ratio. Proving that taking care of your skin, hair and health is much easier than it seems.

Its dynamism, constant product updating and profitability are the keys to understanding its increase in the pharmaceutical market.

In the formulation of its products , ingredients of natural origin of the highest quality are used, which carry out dermatological control to care for all skin types, focusing on sensitive skin.

What Products does Farline sell?

Farline, Cofares ' own brand, has a wide range of items dedicated to body care, dental hygiene, eye care, hair care, facial care, sun protection for the whole family, health and wellness products, first aid kit products, among others. ...

  • Farline Cosmetics

In this wide range dedicated to personal care there is a wide variety of products specialized for different areas of the body, different purposes and with multiple uses. It has a line for facial care, body care, specialized care for atopic skin, hair care, a special line for men, first aid kit products and products for daily hygiene . Furthermore, many of these products are especially dedicated to sensitive and delicate skin.

  1. Facial care line: this line has several aspects with branches within them. It is made up of facial masks such as FARLINE Exfoliating Scrub Mask that promotes cell regeneration. Creams with collagen day and night, FARLINE Collagen Day Facial Cream SPF15 is responsible for reducing and preventing wrinkles and expression lines. Ampoules, with retinol, vitamin C15 and with proteoglycans, such as FARLINE Phyto Proteoglycans C+. Makeup remover pads, lip balms and repair balms such as FARLINE Nose and Lip Repair Balm. You can also find Oils and Serums for facial care , to treat damage caused by the passage of time, external agents, photo aging, spots, expression lines and other consumer requirements such as FARLINE Anti-Wrinkle Serum Collagen that stimulates the formation again woven and reduces the appearance of spots, improving the appearance of the skin. Farline , being a cosmetic brand, meets the most demanding requirements and is characterized by putting skin care as a priority. All Farline products are dermatologically tested to be recommended for any skin type and tolerant of sensitive skin.
  2. Hair care line: specialized in satisfying the most demanding needs of users and dedicated to meeting the special requirement with which the product was purchased. Farline has shampoos, lotions and hair masks formulated with natural ingredients and the most innovative technologies on the market. Medicated formulas such as Farline Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo that contains mineral salts, niacinamide, panthenol and remineralizing active ingredients that actively contribute to strengthening hair. In addition to frequently used and medicated shampoos, it has hair treatments such as FARLINE Repairing Hair Mask that guarantees the softness, shine and nutrition of the hair. In this line you can also find hair treatments for the little ones at home such as the Farline Anti-Lice Lotion and Shampoo that has a quick and effective action, taking care of the sensitive scalp of the little ones without damaging the hair.
  3. Body care line : one of the most extensive lines, as it covers all areas of the body, from hands, legs and feet. Medicated products and others with 100% natural formulas. You can see products such as FARLINE Moisturizing Hand Cream, it is also available in an anti-aging care presentation. FARLINE Moisturizing Body Lotion contains Panthenol and Olive Oil which together care for the dermis, keeping it hydrated. FARLINE Anti-Stretch Mark Cream acts, reduces its size and color, and prevents its new appearance. FARLINE Tired Legs Gel has analgesic action that soothes the sensation of tired legs. FARLINE Anti-Cellulite Cream tones the skin and keeps the skin elastic. In addition, you can find body oils, body butters, regenerating and repairing creams such as FARLINE Sweet Almond Body Oil that nourishes and hydrates broken and dehydrated skin. Each of the products dermatologically tested to be suitable for all skin types.