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Complete guide to the best baby milk brands

The nutrition and well-being of your baby is a priority for Farma2Go, which is why we summarize here the path to follow to know which are the best baby milk brands available on the market.

We know that this is one of the most important decisions you will make, as it will be your baby's main diet and will accompany different stages of its development.

Whether as a substitute or as a complement to breastfeeding, baby milk has to cover the nutritional needs of each stage from birth to the first 36 months.

In addition to knowing the characteristics, benefits and prices of each option, baby milk brands always have some determining component for the final choice.

Characteristics of the main brands of baby milk

Before moving forward with choosing a brand, it is important to know the different specific formulas for each stage of growth:

Starter formula baby milk : designed for consumption from birth to 6 months.

Follow-on formula baby milk : configured to provide 50% of nutritional requirements from 6 months to the first year of life.

Growth formula baby milk : designed to provide more vitamins and minerals, stimulating growth between the first and third year.

Special formula baby milk : a group of specific configurations to compensate for absorption, digestion and metabolization problems from the first months.

The next step, after identifying the formula indicated for your baby, will be to know which is the best format and the nutritional contribution that the baby needs:

Format : ready to serve, concentrated or powder, these are the three options you can choose from depending on convenience and price.

Vitamins and minerals : which will be recommended by the doctor depending on the specific deficiency that your baby suffers at a given time.

Proteins and fats : As with vitamins and minerals, the specific amount of protein depends at all times on your child's needs.

Carbohydrates : unless there is some intolerance, it is natural that it contains lactose or natural carbohydrates.

Finally, when you know exactly what type of formula and format your child needs, it is time to review baby milk brands.

Nestlé brand baby milk : it has three lines with formulas for each stage and needs: the affordable Nativa, the traditional Nidina and the innovative NAN, with different formulas and presentations.

Hero brand baby milk : it has two lines for infants and babies in its three stages: Nutrasense Premium and Pedialac, as well as innovative special formulas for the dietary treatment of digestive disorders.

Nutribén brand baby milk : it has Natal milk, specific for infants, Innova TOProtein, to prevent childhood obesity, and Innova OLM, enriched for children from the first year.

Almirón brand baby milk : the renowned brand with its three lines for the three stages: the traditional Advance and its special formulas, Nature with more vegetal presence in the composition, and the innovative Profutura Duobiotik to strengthen the immune system, in addition to special formulas for the treatment of digestive disorders.

Blemil brand baby milk : with three main lines: Optimum Evolution, Optimum ProTech and Forte, as well as a special formula for each digestive need.

Novalac brand baby milk : with the well-known Premium and Hydrolyzed line for infants and babies with intolerance to cow's milk proteins.

Hipp brand baby milk : a high-quality organic milk, with all its ingredients coming from organic and sustainable agriculture.

Capricare brand baby milk : a milk formulated from minimally processed goat's milk to promote digestion.

Nutramigen brand baby milk : it is a Johnson's infant formula used as a nutritional treatment in infants and children with allergies to cow protein.

Humana or Miltina brand baby milk : exceptional quality formulas for each stage and digestive disorder of infants and babies.

Enfamil brand baby milk : a Premium milk focused on the highest quality for its three formulas for each of the three stages.

BabyBio brand baby milk : three formulas, two of them made with cow's milk and one with goat's milk, guided by organic production with sustainable impact.

At Farma2Go you find this extensive catalog of all baby milk brands where you can choose the appropriate formula for your baby's well-being.