Atopic Skin & Xerosis

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Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that affects 2-5% of adults and up to 10-20% of children, worldwide. It is a chronic and prolonged disorder, characterized by dry, peeling and irritable skin and which evolves as outbreaks in which the symptoms are more bothersome. Although there is no known cure, regular and consistent skin care can protect it.

Xerosis is the medical name for dry skin. It comes from Greek: "xero" means "dry" and "osis" means "disease" or "medical disorder." Xerosis is caused by a lack of hydration in the skin, which can be the result of aging (senile xerosis) or caused by underlying diseases such as diabetes. The result is dry or very dry, and rigid skin, which can progress to becoming extremely rough and peeling, with large plaques and itching.