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Defenses: the natural barrier to prevent diseases

Defenses can be low for various reasons: stress, lack of sleep, going through a negative emotional state, poor diet or changes in life.

If the immune system is weakened for any of these reasons, it is more difficult to eliminate bacteria or viruses, and you are more likely to end up getting sick.

The current pace of life makes it difficult to keep the body's natural defense system strong and efficient, hence it is often necessary to take vitamins and minerals to stimulate the normal functioning of the defenses.

The importance of strengthening the immune system

Defenses are the body's natural defense system against infections, harmful bacteria and viruses. When the body detects foreign substances that intend to invade it, it reacts by secreting antibodies to destroy the infectious agents and in this way, the immune response is launched.

How does this happen?

There are several different types of cells that collaborate and work synergistically and cause B lymphocytes to manufacture antibodies: which are the proteins responsible for locating antigens and immobilizing them and thus combating a virus or bacteria infection.

When these antibodies have fulfilled their function, they remain in your body and if the antigen returns, your body can cope with it.

There are several clear symptoms that indicate that your defenses are low : the appearance of wounds on the lips, capillary weakness, wounds that do not heal, muscle pain and sore throat, among others.

To strengthen the immune system , it is necessary to raise the body's defenses, and with this you will be able to prevent the development of diseases.

How is this achieved?

Through a balanced diet , a healthy lifestyle , eliminating toxic habits , and with the help of additional supplementation, if necessary.

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Feed your body in a balanced way to strengthen your defenses

The best way to keep your defenses in an optimal state is through a complete diet that includes the 7 food groups that exist, including proteins, carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables.

Before starting with supplements to strengthen your defenses , it is important to make sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet, since in reality, this should work as extra support, never as a substitute for a good diet.

Although a balanced diet is vital to contribute to the good maintenance of the immune system , there are specific foods with specific vitamins that directly help this system operate efficiently.

Vitamin C: you can find it in fruits such as lemons and oranges . Drinking hot lemon juice on an empty stomach is a good way to boost your defenses.

Vitamin E: to get your extra dose of this vitamin , you will have to include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet. In fact, this group of vitamins is decisive in the good performance of defenses.

Iron: this element plays a crucial role for optimal functioning of the immune system. To achieve a good supply of iron, you can eat seafood such as clams, oysters, mussels and cockles, but it is also present in nuts such as walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, toasted almonds and pistachios , among other foods.

Strengthen your defenses with a balanced diet

Give up toxic habits for the good of your immune system

Defenses can be weakened if you do not lead a healthy life , especially if you have harmful habits such as smoking or abuse of substances such as alcohol.

However, not everything is about quitting smoking or drinking, there are a large number of habits that are established very naturally , which are also harmful to health, especially if they occur daily, such as having an unbalanced diet, or abuse ultra-processed, processed or refined foods.

It is important to get rid of these unhealthy aspects that in the long run contribute to the daily weakening of the immune system and, consequently, your body's defenses, making it unprepared to face external aggressions, which can make you sick.

If you consider that you need help to redirect these harmful behaviors , go to your family doctor and even a nutritionist, so that they can shed light on this path and accompany you in the process in a responsible and safe way.

Spend time on your mental and physical health

One of the factors that influence the weakening of the immune system is stress and anxiety. These two triggers contribute to your body being constantly alert, and for obvious reasons, they negatively affect your defenses .

Hence, the importance of working on your mental, physical and emotional balance.

Invest time in some physical activity such as yoga to relax your body and mind, or any other exercise that you enjoy and contributes to your well-being.

You can also practice meditation along with breathing exercises that will help your body relax and, on the other hand, will be a great support to face strong feelings without them affecting you and your body.

Boost your immune system with supplementation

Sometimes, external help is necessary to strengthen the defenses and at Farma2go you will find all kinds of solutions from a wide variety of brands, for the proper functioning of the immune system , which will increase your defenses.

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If you need defenses for your throat, now that you start to notice discomfort or when you have symptoms such as burning, pain when swallowing, choose Juanola 20 tablets to suck.

If you need an intensive cocktail to strengthen your defenses in specific times and combat fatigue, Inmunoferon 90 capsules will be your ally.

And more, much more, supplements from Redoxon extra defenses , Revital defenses and Supradyn defenses .

Take a walk through Farma2go and find the supplement that your body needs to strengthen your immune system.

Strengthen Your Defenses with Supplements