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Hair Dyes at Farma2Go

Natural dyes to dye hair in a wide range of shades. Total coverage in the desired color and tone with 100% natural ingredients, used to create efficient dyes that respect the health of the hair and scalp.

If you have natural, uncolored hair , you can lighten it up to 2-3 shades compared to the natural shade at the root and you can darken it by selecting the shade you prefer. If you already have colored hair , select the same shade or darker.

In cases where you want to cover gray hair in more than 50% of the hair or hair that is particularly difficult to cover, it is recommended to mix the chosen shade with the corresponding shade from the range of natural colors (for example, if you choose shade 7.44 mix half a tube of that shade with half a tube of shade 7.0, using shade 7.44 unmixed for the ends of the hair).

If you have highlights and want to darken them, choose a warm or neutral tone to avoid the undesirable green cast. And if you have very light or bleached hair (level 9 or 10) or bleached highlights, avoid cold tones.