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GH Gema Herrerías: masterful formulas for your skin care

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GH Gema Herrerías is a Sevillian cosmetics brand that was born in 2017, founded by the pharmacist and dermocosmetics expert Gema Herrerías.

In her eagerness to provide pharmaceutical advice in her pharmacy, searching for products for her clients, an idea arose in her mind: to create her own line of cosmetics based on master formulas to solve real needs.

And he realized that it was skin hygiene where most of the people who consulted him failed, and this is a fundamental pillar for maintaining skin health.

In 2017, it released an oil-based hygiene product as the first step in the nightly double cleansing.

That was the germ of gh Gema Herrerías , and today it has become a benchmark in national dermocosmetics.

GH Herrerías: innovative, honest and close cosmetics

GH Gema Herrerías has a Research & Development & Innovation department made up of a team of cosmetics experts, and 100% up to date on the latest developments in the sector.

There are three premises that mark the spirit of gh Herrerías : efficiency , transparency and closeness that so well characterizes the Pharmacy.

The products are always backed by efficacy studies and the master formulas are fully detailed, including the concentrations of the active ingredients used.

This is the commitment of GH Gema Herrerías : to offer quality cosmetics, at the forefront and with total transparency for people's skin care .

And do you know what it is too? Innovative. Recently, their newest product came out : facial sun protection SPF50 with women's names Tono Claro Lola and Manuela Gold Tone.

GH Gema Herrerías: formulas adapted to the needs of the skin

The gh Gema Herrerías cosmetic line is designed to preserve skin health and there are no similar products on the market.

Each cream, each cleansing oil, each emulsion, each serum, each treatment, is a special formula created after detecting specific skin needs and problems in the pharmacy.

At Farma2Go you will find all kinds of gh Gema Herrerías products.

GH Gema Herrerías: respectful facial hygiene

At gh they know the importance of finding a suitable facial cleanser that cleanses without drying and respects the skin.

Hence, GH formulas for facial hygiene are suitable for all skin types , they contain mild surfactants enriched with oils, natural butters and moisturizing agents.

The cleaning range has an incredible texture and aromas that make them addictive and you will see how you will never skip this step again.

To remove makeup and cleanse at the same time:

Face and Eye Cleansing-Makeup Remover Oil 150 ml.

To clean and moisturize in a single gesture:

Moisturizing Cleanser-micellar solution 250 ml.

To cleanse your skin day and night:

Japanese kiré cleansing emulsion 100 ml.

GH: complementary treatments for a facial routine of 10

GH Gema Herrerías among its range of cosmetics has some products to perfect skin care even further.

To repair the surface of the skin with a triple hyaluronic acid complex:

Cremagel Barrier Function 50 ml.

To prevent wrinkles in delicate areas and create a lifting effect:

Global function eye and lip contour 15 ml .

GH Gema Herrerías: treatments to pamper yourself on the weekend

Are you one of those people who likes to spend their free time giving extra care to their skin?

GH Gema Herrerías has a line of cosmetics to enhance skin hydration and improve its surface with exfoliants designed for each skin type.

Take time for yourself and follow GH's two-step routine to restore all the beauty of your dermis , which consists of exfoliation and intensive hydration.

At Farma2Go you will find these cosmetics:

To improve the texture and luminosity of the complexion:

10 AHA chemical peel 20 ml.

To treat spots, wrinkles and exfoliate:

20 AHA chemical peel 20 ml.

To gently mattify and exfoliate the skin :

Peeling mask 40 gr.

GH Gema Herrerías: daily intensive care for your skin

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Within the gh Gema Herrerías cosmetics line there are also a series of products to care for your skin every day.

Treatments with high concentrations of active ingredients in different formats to cover different needs: moisturizers, lotions, exfoliants, serums and creams.

To treat signs of aging in acneic and sensitive skin:

0.1 RETINAL-RHM serum 30 ml.

To combat the signs of aging:

0.3 RETINOL-NP serum 30 ml.

To hydrate, mattify and improve the appearance of spots and redness:

12 AZELAIC-N Bigel serum 30 ml.

As at Farma2Go we want to make everything very easy for you, we have created some packs adapted to different skin needs.

Search Gema Herrerias Routines and find: care for oily skin with spots , for skin during pregnancy, for dry skin , for retinization processes and much more.

GH Herrerías: sustainability for your skin and the Planet

The main objective of gh Gema Herrerías is skin care , but always from the prism of sustainability.

Being sustainable is a commitment that crosses GH across the board, encompassing the selection of biodegradable raw materials whenever feasible and the responsible management of waste to avoid contamination.

GH Gema Herrerías always seeks to improve its manufacturing processes to reduce its energy expenditure , and in addition, they are members of an organization responsible for recycling waste in plastic and glass containers.

The cosmetics are packaged in thinner glass containers than usual to optimize their biodegradability and those packaged in plastic are made of high-density polyethylene manufactured by an eco-sustainable company.

And if that were not enough, the location of gh Gema Herrerías guarantees a minimum carbon footprint to distribute its products throughout the Spanish territory.

This, together with the development of effective formulas with just the right ingredients to achieve an EXCELLENT cosmetic result, what more could you ask for?

GH Gema Herrerías is the reference brand in dermocosmetics with masterful formulas.

***Discover effective cosmetic solutions for your skin.

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