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The ideal protection for the face with ISDIN Fusion Water photoprotector

Finding the perfect care for your facial skin becomes quite a challenge, and this is precisely what stands out in ISDIN Fotoprotector Fusion Water .

Sun protection for delicate facial skin plays a key role in self-care year-round, and becomes especially important during the summer.

We need the facial sunscreen to be light, non-greasy and provide a nuanced effect, in addition to being appropriate for the skin type and can be applied with daily makeup.

With its extensive history in innovation and research, ISDIN has achieved this perfect combination in Fusion Water sunscreens, which provide the best protection with an ultra-light texture.

At Farma2Go we work with the entire range of ISDIN Fusion Water photoprotectors to equip your skin care routine with the best products on the market.

Buy the best ISDIN sunscreen for summer

Although skin care for the face and body should be carried out throughout the year, it is during the summer when concerns about the sun protection factor grow.

Each ISDIN Fusion Water photoprotector not only provides sun protection 50 or more, but deeply moisturizes the skin without leaving greasy or sticky traces, and does not irritate the eyes thanks to the brand's exclusive Safe-Eye technology.

That is one of the reasons why these sunscreens are among the best sellers, in addition to ISDIN's reputation for excellence worldwide.

ISDIN Fusion Water protection is also produced in two photoprotectors MAGIC and Urban in their different presentation formats:

- ISDIN Fusion Water MAGIC SPF 50 photoprotector , a refreshing and sweat-resistant effect that offers protection from prolonged exposure to sunlight outdoors.

- ISDIN photoprotective Fusion Water MAGIC GLOW SPF 30 , which immediately melts into the skin and helps to prolong the natural tan and luminosity.

- ISDIN photoprotector Fusion Water MAGIC Repair SPF 50 , with and without color, with a triple protective, moisturizing and anti-photoaging action.

- ISDIN photoprotector Fusion Water MAGIC SPF 50 , Medium, Light and Bronze, providing color in a natural coverage that hides imperfections and unifies the tone.

- ISDIN Fusion Water MAGIC Urban SPF 30 photoprotector , designed for urban environments, which protects from pollution while improving the appearance of signs of fatigue on the skin.

Buy ISDIN Fusion Water Photoprotector at the best price

Protection against the harmful effects of the sun is a daily concern that should be taken very seriously throughout the year, and with ISDIN you can even contemplate the change of season with some color.

Each ISDIN Fusion Water photoprotector offers all the protection that facial skin needs all year round, both in natural and urban environments and works very well with makeup thanks to the ultra-light texture and immediate absorption for all skin types.

At Farma2Go we accompany your change of routine in skin protection and care with the best offers for each ISDIN Fusion Water photoprotective formula at the best price.